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Top 4 Must-Haves for July Fourth


The 4th of July is the ultimate summer celebration of the year with friends and family. Be it a picnic or barbecue at the backyard, you definitely need to gear up with some good red, blue and white knick-knacks to kick up the mood.

Whether it’s for your own home or thoughtful gifts for loved ones, Photobook has got your back with all the right accessories just for the day!

Check out our top 4 must-haves to get your party started.

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A Really Simple Father’s Day!


Typically, fathers are the breadwinner of the family by providing security and finances to the family. Fast forward to today, many fathers now play an equal part in a family just like mothers do. They’re the positive role model in the eyes of their children. They’re the handyman, the advisor, the mentor in the house.

Fathers are popularly more relaxed and simple, making him the perfect shield when mommy is angry (we know you do that!). While some dads are tougher, the love they pour all over their children are undoubtedly infinite.

No matter what type of dad you’re gifted with, draw a closer paternal bond with him this Father’s Day by reminiscing the days he taught you how to ride a bike or bring you to your first sports event. All you need to bring those loving memories alive and share it with your old man is THIS!

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