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Project 365

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. With a single click and flash, a moment in time is preserved forever. Imagine documenting an entire year with a single photo per day and looking back and remembering a single moment from each of the 365 days. Whether you take photos using Instagram, Polaroids, a professional DSLR, or an everyday …

Project 365

Organizing Your Travel Photos

Back from your much-needed vacation? Taken hundreds of photos? Its time to start organizing your travel photos and this is also the perfect time to turn these photos into lifetime memories that can be shared with family and friends. Tips on Organizing Your Travel Photos To help you out, we’ve got some quick and easy tips for organizing your travel …

How to organize your pictures from your vacation for a photobook

Choosing the Right Book for Your Project – Back to Basics

We’ve got a dozen of sizes and double that up with a variety of Photobook types – and we know that it can be overwhelming to start selecting the right Photobook. With our years of experience in Photobook making, we are going to make your selection process a little teeny bit easier with some helpful tips.

Photobook Sizes

Less is More – The Perfect Layout

“I didn”t have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead.” – Mark Twain Designing a Photobook can be overwhelming because of all the options and features you are provided with. It is easy to get carried away and over design your Photobook project. Sometimes, it is best to take an editing eye and go for the …

Photobook Layout