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Photobook Interviews: The Farmers

Justin and Christine Farmer are two of our Instagram celebrities whom we’ve collaborated with before, and we just have to say – we love the raw and rustic autumn atmosphere of their work! They have two beautiful children and they see their growing family as an extension of their lifelong adventure. They took some time to converse with us on …

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Photobook Interviews: Darryll Jones

So here’s a story about Darryll Jones. Darryll is one of our favourite instances of the magic that takes places whence a man sets out to pursue what he recognizes as passion. He is a charming man, and a little bit silly with plenty of tales to tell. Be like Darryll. Or read about him anyway… Here’s us conversing with …

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Photobook Interviews: Zefane

Independent Makeup artist Zefane from Malaysia is definitely a woman who knows what she wants. More snugly known as Zef, she’s also a former gymnast and a So You Think You Can Dance (Malaysia) Season 2 (2008) contestant. Her work includes weddings, events, galas, theatrical plays, and even special effects. Photobook got the chance to meet up with this gorgeous …


Photobook Interviews: Sony Fugaban

  Sony enjoys the sights and sounds around him as he absorbs the wonders of anywhere his two feet steps on. He’s got his own blog site, where he posts updates on his daily life and many travel experiences. We spoke to him about a few things and liked what he’s got going on. Check him out as he shares a …

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