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4th of July Activities for Kids

July 4th is the day all Americans honor their country and also to draw a closer bond with friends and family in a barbecue, picnic, baseball game or other Fourth of July traditions. But do your kids know the meaning of this patriotic event? Get them involved by creating fun moments with these made-for-kids activities.


Photobook Interviews: Syaz

They say the most beautiful thing a woman can wear is confidence. Syazwani gracefully harmonises life between being an amazing doctor and stellar mom, giving exceptional dedication to both career and family. She sneaks a way for a moment and snubs her scrubs to hang out with Photobook Worldwide.

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Photobook Interviews: Sammy Khoo

Sensuality is her business. Sammy Khoo is a professional boudoir photographer who has taken some of the most intimate and beautiful photos of everyday women for the past 10 years. She’s both a very private person and a wild child at heart, and she is devotedly passionate about her craft. We went behind the lens.

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Photobook Interviews: Din Mokhtar

Din is one chilled cookie who enjoys his morning cycling sessions. He’s an Airborne & Satellite Radar Specialist who is now semi-retired and has taken a serious liking to recreational cycling. Making the most of his now (plenty of!) free time, he rides as often as he can and partakes in grueling triathlons. Photobook had a chat with him on …

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