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Engagement Party Planning Guide

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He got down on one knee, she was caught by surprise and next thing you know – she was screaming “Yes!” at the top of her lungs when he popped the question with a giant rock in his hand. Whether this happened recently to yourself or to a close friend or family member, getting engaged deserves a special party to share the news.

But where should you start?

Here’s our guide to throwing an engagement party for yourself or hosting for another couple.


Only apt to celebrate Valentine's in the city of love, right?

Camper Van Adventures With Eric and Mari of DontWorryBeCamper

Eric, Mari, with Max and Roco serving us some family portrait goals!

Eric and Mari of Don’t Worry Be Camper are a real-life embodiment of the popular saying, ‘love finds a way’.

The couple fell in love “at first sight” back in 2010, dated for a few years but separated for three. In 2015, the Barcelona natives reconnected and rekindled their love, and have been happily stuck with each other ever since.


Personalised Greeting Cards.

13 Funny Valentine’s Day Quotes To Delight Your Date

Personalised Greeting Cards.

Cat got your tongue or simply not a hopeless romantic? You’ve come to the right place.

It’s that time of the year where everything is mushy, marked up, and in all shades of red and pink. So if you (and/or your date) are the sort who prefers all things cheesy and corny going into your mouth than coming out of it, well, you guys are in luck!


Personalisable insta cards for your fitness goals.

How To Set Goals And Slay Them!

Personalisable insta cards to help with your fitness goals.

Establish sustainable and meaningful goals the S.M.A.R.T. way.

Whoa, January is coming to a close! How are your resolutions coming along? Hashtag no pressure, because if you’re anything like us, we fell off the bandwagon ages ago. Hah. 

Don’t get us wrong, everybody has something to work on. But we also strongly believe not to set ourselves up for failure in the process of bettering ourselves. And we can start by setting goals instead of resolutions!