Photobook Designer – Tips of the Trade

Our Photobook Designer software has tons to offer any intermediate to experienced photo book designer.


Sort by Folder Name

The Photobook Designer software allows you to sort your photos by folder name. After you’ve uploaded your images to the software, locate the Pictures toolbar on the left hand side of the software, and then click on the Manage Pictures button > Categorize > By Folder Name. Your photos will be organized in their respective folders and sorted with a blue bar showing each folder name. This can be particularly helpful when creating projects with hundreds of photos such as wedding books or family history books.

*Additional tip: You can also collapse the blue folder bars to work on one folder at a time and avoid being overwhelmed by too many images.


Custom Page Styles

You can create your very own custom designed Page Styles. The software showcases dozens of page styles but you’ve also have the option to create your own page style, save it and use it again!

After you have designed your custom Page Style, go to the lower toolbar and click on the Page Styles tab. After you have done that, click on the button in the lower right hand corner (that looks like a gear). From there, you will see three different options; Save Left Page as Page Style/Save Right Page as Page Style/Save Spread as Page Style. Choose the one that suits you best and name it accordingly. Your custom Page Style is now saved!


Drop Shadows

Adding a Drop Shadow to your photos can really give your photo book a modern and three dimensional vibe. To add a Drop Shadow, select the photo and go to the Inspector toolbar on the right hand side of the software. Under the first tab on the left you will see a Drop Shadow section. You will be able to adjust the settings as you see fit. Pay close special attention to the Offset and Opacity settings as this can really make or break your book design.


Until next time, happy bookmaking!


Go the Canvas St. Way – *Promo Ended*


We’re more than excited to introduce to you to the latest addition to our roster of high quality brands and products. The long search for the perfect canvas print is over! Canvas St. has finally come your way. But first, we’d like to share the story on how it all came about.


Split Canvas Fifth Avenue

The Search

Following the success of Photobook Worldwide, our team decided move on to the next big thing – Canvas Prints. We then devoted some of our time to look for the best way to create the lightest, yet strongest, canvas material for excellent quality prints. We spent countless hours of researching and testing materials, we’ve gone through odds and ends to give only the best. There were definitely some challenges in the process of finding the perfect material, but a lot of fun too.

The Canvas St. Way

Much to our satisfaction and delight, we have come up with a unique way to have photos made into works of art. By utilizing boards made out of advanced paper engineering, sourced all the way from Europe, we have successfully come out with a material that would make a canvas print feel and look as if it was printed on stretch fabric yet way stronger and lighter. Hence, Canvas St. was born!


Canvas Portrait 12″x18″

What Makes our Canvases Different

High-end Durst Printer

With this printer, we afford you with better colour accuracy, your images will look so vibrant, you can hardly tell it from the real thing!

UV Technology

Stands for non-other than, Ultra Violet. The UV ink and printing technology that we use does not require further lamination, as it gives double protection and ensures that the colour withstands the test of time.

Wood, Staple-Free

With prints mounted onto industrial-strength boards, the Canvas Prints are lightweight yet surprisingly strong, which makes mounting and unmounting real easy. You may now change your Canvas Prints according to season. How cool is that?

Waterproof, scratch resistant

Prints are waterproof on the surface, so little splashes of water would just dry off in an instant. Efforts from the clawing from your pet cat is futile.

Ready to take the Canvas St. route? If you’re ready to take the journey towards the creation of a revolutionary and long lasting piece of art, we’re more than happy to take this journey with you. To get you started, order canvas prints at an attractive price with FREE shipping! There are three different sizes for you to choose from.

Bring Me There

Note: Promotion is only valid for: Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore



Luck of the Irish!

This year, celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with more than just green shirts and green beer. Here are a few last minute ideas that you can try out this weekend.

Decorations can really enhance any room in the house. Decorating with the colour green is a simple and elegant way to make your place look a little more festive. Decorations from the dollar store, making your own homemade wreath from yarn and printing out cute St. Patrick’s day sayings is a great way to show your Irish side.

st patrick deco

Go green! Ditch the traditional plastic utensils and plates and try using recycled and biodegradable ones, or even use real cups, glasses, plates and utensils if your party is small enough. Also, try decorating with real plants as centrepieces to add some rich and organic green colour to your party.


Any good party has an amazing dessert. Try making S’more Hats or even a green ombré cake! These desserts are bound to make your guests giggle with excitement. Or, for the more health conscious, make healthy green smoothies!


A simple and inexpensive way to get into the Irish spirit is with your nails. Using green as a base colour is an obvious choice, but why not add a little more pizzazz! Add some shamrocks or even some sparkles.


For more unique and fun ideas for this St. Patrick’s day, check out our Saint Paddy’s! Pinterest board and get inspired!

Happy St. Patrick’s day, everyone!


使用Readybook – 回歸基本




  • 簡單易用。它們不僅容易使用,你還能省下許多時間,只需上載你的照片再把它們拖放到Readybook里。
  • 全面個性化選擇。雖然它們是現成的模板,但你依然可以根據自己的需求進行個性化。
  • 專業設計。每一本Readybook的背後都有一個故事,我們保證你一定會愛上每一本Readybook。
  • 免費!儘管我們耗費許多時間構思與設計這些Readybook,但是我們完全不收費,讓你免費使用。