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SAVE-tember Promotion : Crazy Savings on everything!

save-tember | photobook discount

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5 Most Popular Travel Readybooks

summer explorer readybook

Summer Explorer Readybook | by Photobook Worldwide

Travels are made up of precious moments, so it’s important that they be frozen in time and to preserve memories of your travels, keep your travel photos in a photobook that will guarantee to last a lifetime.

If you’re pressed for time to finish a photo book of your travel adventures, or feel at a loss for design ideas, do not worry. We have taken it upon ourselves to design book templates that will reflect your love for adventures. They are a collection of splendid travel-themed Readybooks with which we aim to help you create your memento with greater ease.

Our travel books feature pre-designed templates that were conceived with the various tastes of our customers in mind, as well as their passion for travel and their many destinations.

Here’s the list of our top travel Readybooks for you to choose from for your last or next trip, whether it be a summer vacation, an urban escapade, or an exciting journey to a foreign land.

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5 Tips on Creating a Print Portfolio

print portfolio | photobook worldwide

Fashion Look Book | by Photobook Worldwide

In this era of digital and Internet wonders, perhaps a fair enough question to ask is this:  Why would anyone need to print a portfolio of their work?

It’s understandable, as they can just upload their best work onto their website or create a Flash animation of their photos on their computer. They can then go ahead and ask their prospective clients to go online and refer to them or whip out their iPad during a meeting or proposal. It’s more convenient than carrying around a relatively bulky portfolio, one might consider.

The answer to the question, as some have attested, is this: Having your portfolio in print suggests a sense of seriousness that is not as pronounced in one’s online or digital portfolio. A printed portfolio tends to show greater professionalism, as implied by the conscientious additional work and cost put into having your work printed with the best paper and bound with quality materials, as well as the effort, of course, in carrying it to meetings or presentations. Also, nothing compares to holding a fine piece of workmanship in your hands.  Portfolios need not be limited to only Photographers, in fact portfolios are a must for Fashion Designers, Interior Decorators, Wedding Planners, Architects, Illustrators, Artists and can even as a professional resume!

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