Say "I Love You" with a Photobook

“Every great love starts with a great story…”
— Nicholas Sparks


So you’ve wooed that special someone with flowers, candy and maybe even some jewelry, right? Well how about something unique and special this Valentine’s Day?  A photo book is the perfect keepsake filled with memories of your favourite moments together and the ideal way to shout “be mine!” from the rooftops.


 Cover of 10 Reasons Why I Love You

To make the design process a little easier, we have a few Readybooks that will fit Valentines Day perfectly! 10 Reasons Why I Love You is the perfect backdrop to showcase you and your sweetie’s love. If ten reasons just isn’t enough, try out My Sweet Valentine!

We hope that we can help you spread the love this Valentines Day!

Happy bookmaking!

Poster Prints | Photobook Worldwide

Poster-rific! An Introduction to our newest product! – *Promo Ended*

After months of planning, it is finally here! They are easy to personalize and make great wall showcase – our newly launched Poster Prints! The Poster Prints are available in A3 size (297x440mm) and are perfect for walls in any room of your house or office.



Winterize Your Photos

Though winter brings with it snow and slush in some countries, it can also be the perfect backdrop for beautiful photos.


Photo by BoazImages


old photos

Digitalizing Old Photos

We all have old photographs at home. Some of those photos may be in old traditional photo albums, maybe some in a shoebox somewhere, or even those select few placed in a picture frame. Overtime, old photos can take on a yellowish colouring and even begin to fray or fall apart. What’s important is the memory and history that these old photos hold. To help preserve them, we highly recommend scanning those images into digital files.


Here are a few tips for scanning your images:

  1. Make sure the scanners platen (the glass scanning bed) is clean and void of any dust or dirt. You will want to clean the platen multiple times throughout the scanning process as old photos tend to have more dust and dirt on them.
  2. Take time lining the photographs up so that you scan them straight. You don’t want to have crooked photos to work with later.
  3. You will want to save your photographs as a JPG format. This will be the best quality and size file to work with.
  4. We recommend you scan each photo at 300 DPI. This will ensure the best print quality without having a photo size that is too large.
  5. We also recommend you scan your photos with a RGB (Red Green Blue) colour space instead of CMYK (Cyan Magenta Yellow Key) . This will make for the truest print; closely matching what you see on screen.

After you’ve scanned old photos remember to back your files up on an external hard drive or an USB stick. Following this, sort through the digital files, place them into newly named folders and start creating your photo book. Photo books are the ideal keepsake for archiving old photographs as the paper is archival and acid-free and won’t yellow or fade over time. It most cases, old photos are family members and can result in a fantastic family history book and heirloom that will be passed down for years to come.

Looking into the past really does make you appreciate your roots and how far you and your family have come. Scanning your old photos can be a fun and memorable trip down memory lane.

Happy scanning!