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The Best Of Your Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner!

The Chinese New Year dinner, also recognized as reunion dinners, are by far the most significant event of the entire festival. Family and relatives from all over the world would travel back and return to the main house, gathering in a grand and joyous celebration. The house is decorated, a feast is prepared, Ang Pau is given away and fireworks …


The Best 2015 Ever!

So what’s new this year? 2015 is passing us by and 2016 is creeping up faster than most of us saw coming. Remember back to all the awesome significant moments that made up your 12 months by immortalising those special memories to live on forever.

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From Ramadan to Raya

  This Hari Raya Puasa, remember and revisit the joys of this beautiful blessed season as you get ready for love, kindness, forgiveness and new beginnings. Capture the beauty as you and the entire family prepare for everything special in this month of Ramadan right up to everything special for a truly happy Hari Raya Puasa. Just follow our guide …


Graduation Quotes 2015

  Graduation season is coming as school comes full circle. Diplomas, Degrees, Masters, MBAs, PHDs and all else are handed over to the hardworking students who have strived through their semesters to learn not only of their Major, but also of life. To help you find inspiration as they spread their wings and fly off out into the world, we’ve …