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This Hari Raya Puasa, remember and revisit the joys of this beautiful blessed season as you get ready for love, kindness, forgiveness and new beginnings. Capture the beauty as you and the entire family prepare for everything special in this month of Ramadan right up to everything special for a truly happy Hari Raya Puasa. Just follow our guide for an easy step-by-step in chronicling this year’s wonderful happy Eid al Adha moments.

Start your Aidilfitri hype early this year. Begin documenting everything so you can later on figure out which Eid Mubarak photos you want, selecting only the best of the lot or arranging it all into different categories later. Either way, a lot can happen in the next one and a half months.




The month of Ramadan is a time of both physical and spiritual detox, a time for reflection, for contemplation, love of friends and love of family. It’s a time to meet and reconnect, strengthening relationships through good values and sincerity.


Post Ramadan

Take some photos of your Sahur and Buka Puasa sessions. Also snap up photos of your preparations. From what you had before dawn to walking through the Ramadan Bazaar, from the decking the table out full of tantalizing dishes while awaiting the azan to after the breaking fast.


Ramadan: Nights of Tarawih

Another beautiful aspect of Ramadan you may want to etch into memory are the Tarawih nights. Snap a few photos of you and the family, especially the kids, getting ready and heading over for prayers.


Ramadan: Feasts and Friends

Going out to feast with friends? Breaking Fast at a restaurant, a buddy’s house, or a hotel even? Snap up photos of those moments too! Compile pictures of where you’ll be going, the loved ones you’ll be meeting, the food you’ll be eating and all the moments you’ll be sharing.


Ramadan: The Final Night

The final night of Ramadan is a joyous one, with everyone in the neighbourhood coming together and chanting the takbir. It’s a beautiful gathering of people, celebrating the end of Ramadan and the beginning of Syawal.

Capture the beautiful moments as you dine on the last breaking fast of the year and also of the moments as you join your neighbours. Some play with fireworks, some visit the mosque, some visit each others houses and more. Whatever it may be, take a moment to sneak in some memorable photographs.





Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri! Spread the love as you wish all your loved ones beautiful eid mubarak greetings on this glorious morning. Pagi Syawal is a time for forgiveness, for love and for rejoicing. It is one of the main highlights in the Muslim calendar and a call for celebration.


Raya: Syawal MorningSelamat-Hari-Raya

You and your family are dressed to the nine as everyone gets ready for this magnificent day. Treasure each moment as everyone in the family take each others hand and seeks reconciliation for any wrongs done, and starting anew. Remember this sweet moment. It’s an important part as any of the entire celebration. Take a whole bunch of happy Eid Mubarak pictures of this sweet moment, it’s meaningful and often offers plenty of colours.

Then there’s the prayers, then there’s the feast and then there’s also the start of visits from friends and family. It’s a welcomed havoc and a lively scene, filled with smiles, laughter, love and conversation.


Raya: House Hopping

Speaking of visits with friends and family, some of you might visit others during the next few days while some might host the alpha house for them to come and congregate. Either way, loved ones would typically spend the following couple of days visiting one another. Wish each and every one of them a truly happy Eid Mubarak. It’s also another opportunity for to capture some nice Eid Mubarak photos that offers plenty of colours and smiling faces.


Raya: The Journey Home

Some of you would’ve gone back to your family’s homes before the month of Ramadan ended, some of you at the end of Syawal morning and some during the following days. Either way, make the most of it by documenting the journey and all of the activities done to make the few hours on the road well… not dull.

The journey itself can offer a few good moments that are worthwhile remembering. Traffic, stops, snacks, in car games, sights that passes by and so forth are able to contribute to a more interesting storyline.




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From our easy step-by-step guide to chronicle this year’s wonderful happy Eid al Adha moments, you can now easily just flow in the photos and tell a story of a truly wonderful 2015 Raya!

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From us here at Photobook, we would like to wish all of our Muslim friends Selamat Berpuasa and Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!




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