Sweet And Simple Thanksgiving Gift Ideas

03 Counting Blessings Greeting Card

03 Counting Blessings Greeting Card

Appreciate your loved ones near and far with a classic greeting card.

We may not all be pilgrims on a distant shore thankful for our first bountiful harvest, nor might we have that anecdote as part of our cultural history, but the meaningful custom of sparing a day to give thanks for the things we have, and the people that mean so much to us, certainly transcends the context of its origin these days. 

Often associated with harvest festivals, the celebration of giving thanks is actually widely practised in different forms and on different dates across the world. However, the American tradition of celebrating Thanksgiving on the fourth Thursday of November has gradually become the most recognised and universally popular date.

Perhaps it is because, no matter where you are in the world, November seems a perfect time for it. As the end of the year approaches, and you reap the bounty of positive experiences you’ve had during the course of the year, it is an ideal time to think about what you’re grateful for and the people who have played a part in making your year special.


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Maybe it is a new friend who has brought a little more fun into your life, or an old friend who never fails to. Perhaps it is a special someone who has stolen your heart, or someone who has already been by your side through thick and thin. It could also be that cranky old boss who has finally seen your value and offered you that promotion and raise you’ve been waiting for. 

Whatever the reason, it is never a bad idea to reach out to important people in your life and express gratitude with a gift that is touching, meaningful and personal, or even just a little bit fun. Doing it on Thanksgiving day will undoubtedly lend added weight to your gesture. 

Unfortunately, our impulse to do something special for someone special is often hindered by the hurdles of time and effort – or more specifically, the difficulty of finding time to make the effort. Very often, the problem isn’t the “will”, it’s the “way”.


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But what if there is a way that is convenient, easy and fast? What if you could gain access to an extensive range of personalisable gift ideas without having to leave the comfort of your armchair, and explore, customise and decide on the perfect gift within a matter of minutes before shipping it off directly to your desired doorstep? Wouldn’t that make all the difference?

This Thanksgiving, our aim is to give you one more thing to be thankful for: us!

At Photobook, our personalised gift concepts range from stylish and intimate to fun and humorous – and choice is literally at your fingertips. 

Go simple and meaningful with unique Post Cards, Greeting Cards or Calendars. Do something exciting with a wide selection Photo Gift merchandise that can be enhanced by your personal touch. Create a gift that is intimate and timeless with a custom-designed Photobook or personalised wall mounted Home Décor. 


Or practise gratitude by journaling what you’re thankful for with our personalisable notebook and stickers.

These are just some of many options available to ensure that you are never stumped for ideas. Ultimately, when it comes to showing your gratitude to someone that matters to you, we believe it shouldn’t be the “how”, “where” or “when” that bothers you… we’d rather you lose sweat on “what” you’re going to do to top it next year. 

Saying thank you is a simple gesture that goes a long way, so Photobook is making it as simple as it should be. Making someone feel extra special this Thanksgiving is just a few clicks away, so spare a moment to show them just how much you care.  

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


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