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We’re pretty familiar with the popular trend of collecting keychains when we were younger. This includes souvenir keychains, name keychains and the all-time favourite photo keychains. While these old school keychains were part of a fashion trend once upon a time, we’re not ready to let it go yet by bringing the classic back with a modern twist.

Just because keychains should never be out of fashion, don’t you think? Read on to check out our version!


Here’s our latest photo product in a nutshell.

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  • Our Keychains are available in three shapes – Rectangle, Square and Circle.
  • You can select to personalise a single set, set of 2 or set of 4.


What you can do with our Keychains

For Your Keys

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As the name defines its purpose, a keychain keeps your keys gathered together and secure. It also provides ease of access to your keys, especially inside your bag. Attach different keychains for different sets of keys so you can easily identify your keys.


For Your Bags

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Jazz up your backpacks, handbags or even lunch bags by hanging a keychain with your name on it so that people know who it belongs to. Our personalised Keychains also allow you to add other details apart from your name like a contact number or medical information if applicable, which could be useful in any case of emergencies.


For Your Wedding

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If you’re unsure of what to give as wedding favours, keychains are not too bad of an idea. Create your keychains in a standard wedding theme design that works for both men and women so that they’re able to use it instead of throwing it away. Make them more meaningful by personalising each keychain with the name of your guests. It’ll totally remind them of your big day wherever they are!


For Your Family and Friends

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Keychains are so practical and favourable you can never go wrong with giving one as a gift. Whether it’s for birthdays, anniversaries or even as friendship gifts, it is widely accepted by many regardless of gender and age. The next time you’re stuck about what to give, think of our keychains!


For Your Travel Memories

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Souvenir keychain designs are usually very common and unattractive so why splurge on them when you can have a unique keychain collection of your own? Put all the scenic photographs from your vacation to good use and create one of a kind keychains for yourself or for loved ones. You could even include a message on it.


Inspired? Create your very own Keychain today!


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