The Little Ways To Protect Mother Earth



Once a year, let us take a step back and appreciate what Mother Earth has blessed us with – the lush greenery, clearwater rivers and bright blue sky. On every April 22nd, people all around the world celebrate Earth Day but of course, the celebration doesn’t just stop here. Protecting the environment is a lifelong effort and here’s how you can do your part (hopefully for the long run!). 


Say ‘NO’ to plastic bags


Plastic bags are one of the biggest threats in harming the environment, especially to oceans and rivers. These notorious bags can usually be found in most shops to carry your purchased items. While plastic bags can be recycled and reused, they’re being discarded more often than we realised resulting in sewers and drains get blocked, entangle and kill marine mammals.

This Earth Day, reduce the use of plastic bags or better yet don’t use them at all by bringing along a tote bag with you whenever you head out for some shopping. Try out our Canvas Tote Bags – they’re not some plain old boring bags because they’re personalisable! Not only are you taking out a tote bag in support of protecting Mother Earth, but you’re also showing off your personalities too. Also, you’ll be glad to know that our Tote Bags are machine washable so you could use them for a long time.


Plant a tree or build your own garden


Celebrate Earth Day by planting more trees that could help to stop global warming. Trees make a big part of our earth and the more you plant, the better they add to the wellness of the world. If you have a wide compound within your home, consider putting together your own garden. It will give your home a lively impression while spreading the love for nature.

How about if you don’t have a backyard or front porch for landscaping? Our Photo Mugs make cute little pots you could plant some flowers in. Just arrange them together by the windowsill so that the plants get enough sunlight. Personalise them, add some decors around it and you’ll have a mini garden!


Stop drinking bottled water


Unless you plan to recycle every plastic bottle you’ve bought, get yourself a durable water bottle to be used over and over again. By doing so, you could save a lot of plastics from filling up landfills and dumps. With a bottle you can call your own, you could also make your favourite drinks and bring it along wherever you go. What a way to satisfy your drink cravings!

Our Tumblers make the perfect companion for all your on-the-go adventures equipped with personalisation capability. With three types to choose from, each Tumbler is made of stainless steel and has its own unique features. Place your favourite photos, quotes or artwork in a wraparound full bleed image to remind you of life’s greatest joys.


We believe a little effort goes a long way. Happy Earth Day! 🌎❤️


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