Photobook 101: Choosing the right photobook cover



With the right cover, you can set the tone and mood for any given collection of memorable photos, and this serves to enhance the overall experience of preserving, sharing and interacting with them.

For first-time “photobookers”, selecting an ideal cover that does justice to the emotional value you attach to special moments can seem a little overwhelming. This is especially true when you are faced with a buffet of wonderful choices and an extensive range of personalisable options.   

Firstly, stay calm, because the truth is there are no hard and fast rules to abide by when it comes to choosing a cover for your photobook. Ultimately, the best choice is the one that suits your personality and most appropriately reflects the way you feel about your collection of special photos.

However, if you feel you need a little guidance to aid your thought process, you’ve come to the right place. Here is a handy guide on some favourite cover options that could be the ‘picture-perfect’ choice for your personality and unique preferences. 



4.Deluxe PhotobookDeluxe Photobooks are luxurious in every sense of the word, being individually handcrafted with use of the finest materials and made truly bespoke with custom foil stamping on the cover.

Striking the perfect balance between a sturdy build and lush exterior, Deluxe Photobooks also offer gorgeous cover materials of premium quality. Pick the Faux Leather – in full grain or wood grain texture – or Buckram Linen in your preferred colour, then further personalise your photo album cover with typography stamping.

Complete the opulence with an equally exquisite accessory such as the slipcase or presentation box.

What’s to love: Foil stamping on the cover, and matching presentation accessories

Best for: Engagements and weddings, professional photography portfolio




Did you know that the Imagewrap 6″ x 6″ (aka Simple Book) is exclusively available on our mobile app?

There is no better way to bring out the personality of your photobook than to have it prominently featured up front. Our hardcover photobook, the Imagewrap lets you do just that by wrapping the cover with a ‘full bleed’ image of your choice. 

A versatile and timeless style of photobook, the Imagewrap Photobook also allows you to include text on the spine, adding an elegant and personal touch on your bookcase.  

What’s to love: Timeless and versatile, personalisable text on book’s spine 

Best for: Year-in-review family almanac, children’s growth diary and learning books, corporate portfolio 



3.Debossed Photobook_newbornSome moments are so special you simply have to treat them with the reverence they deserve. With its understated elegance, Debossed Hardcover are ideal for preserving life-changing moments such as maternity journeys, or the legacy of a loved one who has passed on. 

Featuring a debossed window on the cover, this faux leather photo book offers the flexibility of showcasing a cover image along with a caption of your choice. Your custom photo album cover is enhanced with a wide-ranging selection of premium cover materials to cater to personal tastes.   

3.Debossed Photobook_TributeTo make your photobook more memorable, you have the additional option of having it packaged in a matching presentation box or slipcase. 

What’s to love: Debossed image window on the cover, selection of Faux Leather or Buckram Linen cover materials in various colours 

Best for: Maternity and newborn photography, tribute or memorials  



1.Softcover PhotobookIf you’re someone that’s always on the move, then it is very likely you measure value with the benchmark of convenience. Our Softcover Photobooks (top image) fit this bill just right.

Made with materials that are not just lightweight but also amazingly durable, our soft cover photo books are mobile and easy to store, great for sharing with family and friends on the go.


Enjoy Lil’ Photobook without having to hold the pages down. It’s our only softcover photobook with layflat binding!

Even more nifty convenience comes in the form of our latest range of pocket-sized Lil’ Photobooks. Available in compact 4×4, 4×6, 5×5 and 5×7 sizes, there is no compromise on the impact of your images thanks to the seamless effect of layflat binding.

What’s to love: Lightweight yet durable, portable and easy to share

Best for: Travel photography series, pet photos, Instagram photo collection


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