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Landing Page

The year 2018 has got a lot happening for us at Photobook Worldwide, and moving mountains to give you the best customer experience is at the top of the list. Our Tech team has been hard at work to improvise our online editor to help you create your photo projects easier than ever. Talk about convenience and a peace of mind, right?

So let us bring you through the features you could play with in your next Photobook project!


Useful photo features


A photobook is not a book of memories without the flexibility of adding and arranging your images the way you like it. The usual Drag & Drop function is still around, allowing you to drag and drop your image in the placeholder on the page.

The new Autofill feature makes your photobook-making experience less daunting. By clicking the Autofill button, your uploaded photos will instantly fill the pages. You won’t have to place one image at a time anymore (we love the convenience too!). Don’t worry, you can still edit the pages by rearranging the photos and layout.

Another amazing feature you should totally try out is Hide Used which allows you to hide photos you have inserted in your book to prevent confusion and duplication.


Newer and faster editing capabilities


Swapping, rotating and moving your photos are now made easier. On top of that, we have THIRTEEN new photo effects ready to give your photos the eye-grabbing attention they deserve (the effects are eye-popping, we can’t decide which one we like best!).

Other editing options to enhance your photobook include:


1. Text: Narrate your story or label your photos.

2. Photo: Add more images to highlight your occasion.

3. Layout: Change page layout design.

4. Rectangle / Ellipse: Add fun shapes to your design.


More fancy embellishments


Beautify your book by accompanying your photos with even more delightful decorations like backgrounds and cliparts. Our team of creative designers has dedicated their time to come up with a handful of lovely embellishments for a wow effect. We want you to have a unique experience as well as a book of memories that instantly gives you a nostalgic mood.

Other decorations such as frames and masks are also available to add to the creativity.


Change your photobook type within the editor


We want you to know that it’s okay to change your mind halfway through. Hence, we’ve added on a special setting which allows you to switch the photobook type during your book-building.

For example, you may have picked a 8” x 8” Small Square Softcover at first but later discovered that a 11” x 8.5” Medium Landscape Hardcover with Layflat binding suits your project better. Not a problem – just click on the “Settings” button on the right panel of the editor and change your book type!


Preview, save and name your project


Before you order your book, there are a few more things you should know:

1. Give your project a name you will remember or just label it so you are aware of which is which.

2. The save function enables you to continue your project later should you need to stop halfway at that time. The last thing you would want is to start everything all over again.

3. You might also want to preview your book before clicking the “Order” button to make sure everything is right in place. 


To learn more, see our step-by-step Quick Guide or watch our How To Make A Photobook tutorial video below:


More to come…

We are constantly working to improve based on your feedback. So keep them coming, because our priority is for you to have the most pleasant photobooking experience on Photobook Worldwide!


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