Curiosity Won’t Kill This Cat! Meet Caramel, Our Meow-del Of The Month



Caramel’s Instagram handle was inspired by Curious George, the protagonist of a series of popular children’s books.

It’s not everyday one gets to interview an influencer of the four-legged kind. That’s why we’re super excited to chat with Caramel the cat or lovingly known by his 3,300 followers as Curious Caramel.

When he was first spotted by his humans, the bright-eyed feline with a caramel coloured coat was chasing his siblings around as a kitten. Amused by his antics and immediately smitten by the cute moggy, the human couple brought little Caramel home.

As it turns out, Caramel loves stalking his humans around the house too – especially when they’re at their most vulnerable. “It’s fascinating to see their reactions, especially when I open the bathroom door!” he chuckled.

With more to offer beyond his good looks, Caramel’s a furry force to be reckoned with, given his sass, quirks, and curious little spirit. “Meow think personality is more important than looks!” he chimed in.

Hello Caramel! Let’s kick off with a burning question: how curious is Curious Caramel?

I’m always the first on the scene to investigate any weird noises or commotion. My humans think I’m too nosy for my own good. I guess I’d probably make a good investigative journalist!

We suppose the popular idiom doesn’t perturb you, to say the least.

Haha, I have nine lives remember? Last I checked, all of them are still intact! Humans can YOLO all they want, but cats have NELA (Nine Exciting Lives Altogether)!

Point taken. What do you feel about the canine kind?

I’m quite cool with doggies! In fact, my best friend is Snowy the friendly westie next door. If you are lucky, you may even catch him appearing in my IG stories.

Class is in session!

Class is in session!

Caramel’s Classroom is really educational and insightful! What inspired you to launch the series?

My humans can’t speak meow so we had a hard time communicating initially. Kittens are definitely much harder to care for, as compared to adult kitties. I started this series hoping to educate cat owners on how to care for kitties and to share interesting cat facts. For example, cats have a longer-term memory than dogs, especially when they learn by actually doing rather than simply seeing.

You’re obviously a photogenic feline. How long does it take for you to warm up to the camera?

(Flips whiskers) I don’t know, my humans say I am a natural. With the right tool like a feathery teaser, I can focus immediately. Good natural lighting also plays a big part! When I’m not in the mood, my humans take quite a while to coax me for the perfect shot. Though it’s quite easy to bribe me with cat treats – meow-dels love to be pampered!

Ooh, what’s a foolproof treat to win your favour?

If you want my approval, bring me some duck treats. Or anything that once had feathers!

Which is your favourite fashion accessory, on camera and off?

I guess it depends on my mood and weather. On chilly days you can’t go wrong with the scarf, and on days when I’m out to impress, it’s the bow tie!

Caramel looking dapper in his own Photobook pet tag.

Caramel looking dapper in his own Photobook pet tag.

Do you like your Photobook pet tag? Did your humans enjoy customising it?

I love it! The interface is so user-friendly! I like the fact that you can create your own design and pick your own photos. So many possibilities and extremely fun to use!

Would you consider yourself a high-maintenance feline? Or do boxes and plastic bags give you a thrill?

Not at all! I go for cheap thrills. I love boxes and strings rather than bling toys, much to the amusement of my humans. Favourite “toy” in my collection? A black cable tie! I prefer my humans to spend more on my treats though. (Sigh) Why don’t they get it?

Alright, we’ll pass the message. Any other pet peeves, Caramel? Speak now or forever hold your peace.

I see what you mean, ha! Anyway, I find it totally unacceptable when my humans serve my breakfast late on weekends. Breakfast is supposed to be served by 6.40am. Serving me breakfast a minute later is totally irresponsible! Are they trying to starve me? Cat Lives Matter!


All images are courtesy of @curious_caramel’s humans.


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