Camper Van Adventures With Eric and Mari of DontWorryBeCamper

Only apt to celebrate Valentine's in the city of love, right?

Eric, Mari, with Max and Roco serving us some family portrait goals!

Eric and Mari of Don’t Worry Be Camper are a real-life embodiment of the popular saying, ‘love finds a way’.

The couple fell in love “at first sight” back in 2010, dated for a few years but separated for three. In 2015, the Barcelona natives reconnected and rekindled their love, and have been happily stuck with each other ever since.

Exactly a year ago, the lovebirds started documenting their road trips and adventures on their travel blog and Instagram of the same name. When they’re not flying out to exotic destinations, Eric and Mari fulfill their wanderlust by hitting the road in their camper van, together with their adorable pet bulldogs Max and Roco!

“We wanted to show the world our trips and to have nice memories to remember by, but we never imagined that so many people would follow our adventures! (Editor’s note: over 14,000 followers to date on Instagram.)

“Our biggest dream is to go around the world and if that is not possible, we will settle for visiting as many countries as we can. It is never enough when it comes to travel!” quipped the tropics-loving duo.

Eric's a mechanic by profession while Mari is a child education technician.

The duo’s got many countries stamped on their passports, of which Italy, France, Portugal and Spain were explored by van!

First of all, name a destination that has stolen your hearts.

We do not have a specific destination. All the places we travelled to left us with something good or special. We believe that that is the magic of travel; you’ll find charm in all corners of the world.

What’s the charm of travelling in a camper van? Do you guys have to prepare extensively before every adventure?

It gives us life! Thanks to the van, we’re able to go out every weekend and wake up every day in a different place. It helps us to disconnect and connect, and has become our great hobby! As for the things you need to travel by van, the saying is totally true: the less, the better!

Spot Max and Roco!

Spot Max and Roco!

How about Max and Roco? Do they always tag along?

They are the greatest adventurers; they love to travel and go out with us. As long as we do not have to travel by plane, we always take them with us. They are like our children – essential!

Share with us your playlist while on the road.

Music accompanies us on all our trips and makes everything more exciting! Songs that are never missing in our playlist:

With The Wind – Josh Lee Hamilton
Hideaway – Dusty Boots
To The Sea – Dusty Boots
The Party – Luke Morris
Happier – Marshmello, Bastille
Perfect Strangers – Jonas Blue
Highway To Hell – AC/DC
Follow The Sun – Xavier Rudd
If You’re Over Me – Years & Years
Waves – Mr Probz
The Nights – Avicii
What Lovers Do – Maroon 5

Tell us about the craziest thing you guys encountered whilst travelling!

At Maasai Mara in Kenya, we were almost devoured by a leopard! (Laughs) We also have moments of tension between us, but nothing that cannot be solved. We always try to find solutions quickly and not get angry – and if we have to be, we cap it at 5 minutes!

What have you guys learned from travelling as a couple?

Traveling together is amazing and has helped us strengthen our relationship. We are the best travel companions we could have.

Only apt to celebrate Valentine's in the city of love, right?

The lovebirds celebrating Valentine’s Day in the city of love a few years back.

How do you strike a balance between capturing your adventures for your blog and social media, and being present in your adventures?

Actually, the problem with us is that we enjoy our travels so much that we often forget to take photos or videos!

Too cute, you two. Tell us about your most unforgettable Valentine’s Day.

The best Valentine’s of all was three years ago. We lived in Paris and it was so romantic! A trip we’ll never forget!

Eric and Mari's adventures captured in a beautiful photobook.

Eric and Mari’s adventures captured in a beautiful photobook.

Last but not least, please show us your favourite Photobook merch!

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