Engagement Party Planning Guide

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He got down on one knee, she was caught by surprise and next thing you know – she was screaming “Yes!” at the top of her lungs when he popped the question with a giant rock in his hand. Whether this happened recently to yourself or to a close friend or family member, getting engaged deserves a special party to share the news.

But where should you start?

Here’s our guide to throwing an engagement party for yourself or hosting for another couple.


What Is An Engagement Party?

An engagement party is the first step towards a lavish wedding celebration. A party like this is usually casual and require less planning compared to other wedding events. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t make sure the party goes perfectly (you’re getting married after all and that’s a big move in life!).

It is also a great and memorable time to bring family and friends from both sides together instead of making so many phone calls.


When Should You Throw The Party?

Before you start celebrating the good news with the rest, do give yourself some time to absorb this huge life-changing moment because getting engaged can be very overwhelming.

So we suggest organising the event a few weeks after the proposal to six months into wedding planning.


Where Should You Host The Party?

There isn’t a fixed dinner style for an engagement party. All you need to think of is how you want the celebration to be – formal or casual?

  • If it’s a formal affair, consider hiring a professional catering team to prepare the food and drinks for a sit-down dinner at home. Otherwise, it’s also a great choice to make a reservation for a private dining room at a favourite restaurant especially if you have to accommodate more guests.
  • If it’s casual, then feel free to go creatively. It can be a relaxing buffet lunch or even a fun barbecue outdoor at home. Another idea is to host a cocktail party by inviting guests to your favourite bar.

While at it, show off some personalised tableware like these:



Who Should You Invite?

Deciding who to invite to an engagement party can be a little daunting especially if you have a big family and friends circle.

Normally an engagement party is done intimately so don’t worry about not inviting everyone.

Begin with the most important people like immediate family members from both sides and close friends who will ultimately be bridesmaids and groomsmen. Once that’s done and if there are extra rooms, then invite close extended family, co-workers and ex-school buddies.

Just keep in mind that these people should also be invited to the wedding.


How Should You Invite Your Guests?

When the guest list is ready, it’s time to send out the engagement invitations. The most common invite is paper invites which allows you to add a personal touch. If you’re not sure about the colour palette or style of the wedding, the engagement invites don’t have to match. Just create something that reflects the mood or personalities of the engaged couple.

Not sure what to include in the invitation?

Here are the details your invitation should contain:

Invitations Cards_2

Design shown above is Rose Glass in Crest shape (Landscape).

If applicable, you could also include any other necessary info such as specific dress code. Don’t forget to add something special by customising the invitation with a photo of the future newlywed – trust us, it will warm hearts, like the example below:

Invitations Cards_1

The design above is Cherry Blush in Rectangle shape (Landscape).


After that’s done, distribute the invitations via mail or organise a meet-up to pass it over. Make sure to send them out at least a month before the party or six weeks prior, especially if there are guests who will be coming from out of town.


How Should Your Party Look?

Even for a minimalist, a little decor can’t hurt especially for an engagement celebration. You don’t have to go extravagant on the decorating but a few small floral arrangements will definitely help enhance the setting. You can enlist a florist’s service or try your hands at some DIY projects.

For a sit-down dinner, candlelight presence will instantly perk up the table and surrounding. Personalise the dinner further with place cards of your guests’ names – give our Desktop Plaques a try like the one below.

It doubles as a door gift for your guests too!

It doubles as a door gift for your guests too!

Home Decor_Insta Cards_2

Create a photo centrepiece on the dining table, highlighting the journey of future newlyweds with Insta Cards.

Home Decor_Wall Photostrip4

Add a simple yet elegant backdrop for the party with Wall Photostrips.

Amp up the fun with memorable Photo Props for the album.

Amp up the fun with memorable Photo Props for the album.


What Should You Wear?

Your engagement party is the appetizer to your upcoming nuptials and you may want to dress the part. Make yourself stand out with an extraordinary dress as you wish but keep in mind not to outshine yourself before the big wedding. You don’t want your guests to be comparing your dresses or remembering your engagement dress more.

If it’s a formal affair, wear a beautiful cocktail dress. If it’s casual, a demure sundress will be a great choice.


What’s Next On The List?



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