Making Memories In Motherhood



Amy Rodda is the visual genius behind the photographs of TheFolkChildStories. She’s also a kindergarten teacher and mummy to two beautiful boys, Hudson, 3, and Oscar, 16 months old.

Her Instagram profile is a beautiful documentation of her cosy home and growing kids, warming and soothing the eyes and heart of the beholder. Amy started the TheFolkChildStories even before Hudson was born actually, to keep herself “sane” during her maternity leave. Plus, she found the Instagram community to be such a supportive and inspiring bunch!

As such, we wanted to honour this Insta-mum from New South Wales and get her perspective about what it means to be a young mother today.

Hudson and Oscar are so adorable! What are they like?

Hudson is a very gentle, loving, quiet and affectionate soul. Oscar is the complete opposite of Hudson. He is cheeky, funny, wild and full of love.

What’s your favourite moment with them?

The best moment with both of them is when they were born and placed on my chest. Nothing competes with that.

Their rooms (and your home) look like a dream! Take us through the design concept behind it.
(Laughs) Thank you! Instagram only sees the good side; most of the time it’s completely off!
I just like to keep to white, timbers and natural tones in our house. I do change my mind quite often, to my husband’s distress.

How do you find time for yourself in the midst of handling motherhood, your career, and other responsibilities?

Time to myself is very rare, but I always make the most out of the time in the evenings when the kids are in bed. I never want to be doing work or chores when the kids are awake – I want to be spending that time with them. I am also very lucky to have a very hands-on and supportive husband so it makes it all a lot easier.

I never want to be doing work or chores when the kids are awake – I want to be spending that time with them.


Amy and her husband, Jason with then newborn Oscar.

What’s the most magical and your least favourite thing about motherhood?

The most magical part of motherhood is the milestones, achievements and memories. And the least favourite part is the late nights and dirty nappies!


Amy on her favourite Simple Book: “They’re such a great idea to give to the grandparents.”

What’s an advice you’d give to expecting mothers?

Do what works for you. Breast, bottle, co-sleep, own room. Whatever works for you and your baby is the best choice.

Wise words. Is there a maternal figure who inspires you most?   

My own mother is probably my biggest inspiration. She’s always helped and supported me throughout my own motherhood journey.


Amy and her beautiful mum.

Last but not least, what would be the perfect gift that will make your Mother’s Day?

A day spent with my family creating new memories.


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