Photobook Malaysia: Exclusive Aidilfitri Gift Collection



Bulan Ramadhan Bulan Mulia,
Disambut Dengan Penuh Gembira,
Kini Syawal Menjelma Tiba,
Tangan Ku Hulurkan Maaf Dipinta.

Spread more love and joy to your family and friends with our limited edition Aidilfitri Gift Collection this coming Hari Raya.

Instead of your usual cookies exchange, let this festive celebration be a little more unique and special when you show up for a visit with a lovely gift box in your hand. A gift box carrying meaningful memories worth remembering for many years to come.

From 13th May – 9th June 2019, we have curated three wonderful Raya gift packs for you to collect or make them as a surprise to your loved ones. Each package contains most of our top personalisable products including Canvas Air, Photo Mug, Tumbler and more.

Check out below for more details of each package:




1 x Travel Tumbler
10 pcs x Money Envelopes
1 pc x Greeting Card (Crest)
FREE 1 x 8” x 8” Softcover Photobook



1 x 11oz. Photo Mug
1 x Coaster
1 x Canvas Air
10 pcs x Money Envelopes
1 x Greeting Card (Crest)
FREE 1 x 8” x 8” Softcover Photobook




1 x Canvas Tote Bag
1 x Framed Prints
1 x 11oz. Photo Mug
10 pcs x Money Envelopes
1 x Greeting Card (Crest)
FREE 1 x 8” x 8” Softcover Photobook

Personalise the gift content with your favourite photographs and share them with your recipients to show how much they mean to you. Otherwise, you could create some for yourself to remind you of the good times in life.

The designs for all packages are uniquely created each week to signify the journey towards a happy Raya celebration.

Collect all limited edition designs!

All packages are inclusive of express shipping right up to your doorstep so don’t miss out this amazing offer for a wonderful Eid celebration.

Get yours today!
*Available only on Photobook Malaysia

Photobook Malaysia wishes you a Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Maaf zahir dan batin.


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