Just What Dr. Ben Ordered: Perfect Skin & Personalised Teddies

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An unusual combination of a dentist and Instagram influencer, Dr. Benjamin Ng has an army of 40,000 Instagram followers – presumably not won over by close-ups of cavity-filled mouths, rather, his aesthetically curated photos juxtaposed with unpretentious and witty, often mischievous captions.

“I love watching cartoons such as Family Guy, American Dad, The Simpsons, Rick and Morty, and Brikleberry,” he cited his influences.

A committed beauty aficionado, Ben maintains an immaculate style, comprising a neat coiffure and impeccable skin even on dental duty. So much so, that many have mistaken the Kuala Lumpur native as a Korean heartthrob – an ‘oppa’ if you will. And the fun part is, Ben would naturally play along to these unsolicited comments.

“I would smile and respond in a Korean accent, ‘Kimchi, bulgogi, bibimbap, annyeonghaseyo’! And if they ask why am I so fair, I’d say I live in the house basement,” he laughed.

In this tête-à-tête with Photobook, the 25-year-old opens up about his career, caring for his skin and mental health, and a secret shared by most dentists!

Dr. Benjamin Ng at work.

While on duty, his hair and eyebrows remain on fleek.

Have you always wanted to be a dentist? What’s the best and your least favourite thing about being one?

To be honest, no. I was trying to avoid national service, so I chose a course at random. Dentistry was the safest choice for me as I’d been a science student and it seemed easier than being a doctor. My favourite thing is when my patient appreciates my work and walks out smiling. Least favourite is crying kids.

Have you ever judged people you met by their teeth?

To be honest, yes. It’s a dentist thing. When someone smiles, my eyes would directly go to their teeth. In my mind I’d start thinking, “What can I do to enhance his/her dental appearance?”

What are your top 3 tips on dental care?

Use the right toothpaste. There are toothpastes in the market which do not contain fluoride – you’d be shocked to know that certain famous brands are culprits. Secondly, use the right brushing technique. Finally, adopt a healthy diet. A healthy diet does not only help you in getting abs; it helps your oral health too.

Clearly, you take care of your skin just as well. What does your skincare regimen look like?

I choose products which contain little to no fragrance. I wash my face regularly, more like intensely – up to six times a day if possible. Currently my skincare routine is simple: wash, tone, and apply acne cream on bad days.

When did you start exploring with make-up?

I started exploring with make-up even before I was introduced to skincare. As I was really active in theatre and musicals back in college, we were taught to apply our own stage make-up before every show.

Personalised teddy bears

These personalisable teddy bears can easily switch poses thanks to the magnets in their little paws.

Tell us about your favourite Photobook product so far.

For now it has to be the couple teddy bears. The quality of the bears is amazing and I got to share it with a loved one.

Photobook Worldwide's personalised business card and luggage tag.

Ben’s business card and luggage tag are tailor-made to reflect his cheeky disposition.

How has your experience been personalising various photo products with us?

I had a little difficulty manoeuvring the web, but it’s easy as ABC on the new app!  

What’s it like to be a social media influencer? Besides the VIP perks and previews, how do you like it?
Well who doesn’t like free stuff? But they come at a cost – posting a picture for a brand or client isn’t as easy as it seems. You need to take numerous photos for them to choose, provide your captions, wait for approval, edit and post. This is if it’s approved on the first try. Otherwise, you have to repeat the process until the client is satisfied. After which, you have to submit your analytics to them. It’s somewhat like a report card where you’ll be judged based on your engagement rate.

What I like most about being an influencer is that I get to attend events and meet new people. If I’m lucky, I get to meet people I look up to in real life.

Social media influencer, Benjamin Ng.

Not pictured here, but Ben’s favourite holiday destination is actually Italy!

In the business of social media, a lot of people get caught up with the numbers. As a Key Opinion Leader, how would you advise social media users to take care of their mental health?  

I guess if you feel depressed or affected comparing your life with the posts by a friend, celebrity or influencer, you should mute them for the time being – and that includes me. We tend to show off what we have on social media, and we forget that that perfectly filtered square box we’re jealous about is not what it really seems in reality.


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