4 Christmas Trends For 2019 (And How To Nail Them!)

Christmas Trends 2019 with Photobook.

Christmas Trends 2019 with Photobook.

Pinterest is a treasure chest of beautiful, extraordinary ideas. An inspiration bible held dear by many creatives and aspiring Martha Stewarts. On the other hand, it’s quite the pandora’s box – when opened, one can be overwhelmed by endless suggestions and plagued with indecision! Naked trees or hoop wreaths, anyone?

This Christmas, we look to Christmasworld for the ultimate decor game plan. After all, it’s the world’s leading trade fair for festive seasonal decoration, where top buyers from the wholesale, import/export, and retail trades place their orders. This year, more than 43,000 visitors from 129 countries flocked to Frankfurt to discover the latest products and trends!

They’ve got legit Christmas cred, and guess what, they even have 2019/20’s trends figured out! So if you’re game, let’s get ahead of ourselves and jump on the four key trends before they become cool (or bookmark this for next year, no pressure). Don’t worry, we’ve curated these Photobook products – lookbook style – to help you nail the trends like a pro. 

#1: Tender Festivities

With key elements like the moon, moonlight, stars and stardust, you’d want to achieve a clean and reductionist impact, coupled with unusual shapes and surfaces. Stick to pale pastels, neutrals, purist shades, and cool gold.

Photobook's Christmas products. Readybook, hanging canvas, ornament, greeting cards.

Clockwise from top left: Home For Christmas Readybook, Joyous Season Hanging Canvas, Snowscape Ornament, Polka Christmas and Merry And Joy Greeting Cards.


#2: Essential Ceremonies

Honour all things handmade and the au naturel, from an earthy colour palette to rustic materials and raw textures. Modern, unpretentious, and with a “shelf life” that lasts all year, this look’s got a touch of Japanese sensibility.

Photobook's Christmas products.

Clockwise from top left: Goldjoy Wood Print, Mistletoe Kisses Ornament, Merry Mistletoe Photo Props, Be Merry Pillow.


#3: Sweet Traditions

Classic yet the most playful out of the four, this trend embraces creative patterns and checks, cute motifs, hand drawings, and the season’s favourite colours – gingerbread, strawberry ice and the evergreen.

Photobook's Christmas products

Clockwise from top left: Father Christmas Serving Tray, Bright Winter Tumbler, Vermilion Wishes Greeting Card, Christmas Memories Readybook.


Trend #4: Luminous Celebrations

Celebrate the glitz and glamour of parties with sparkly and iridescent effects, vibrant colours and elegant dark tones. This style is indulgent but stays classy, and would score a stamp of approval from Jay Gatsby.

Photobook's Christmas products.

Clockwise from top left: Gold Christmas Clock, Holiday Classic Ornament, Casual Scribbles Shot Glass, Morning Glitter Pillow, Winter Party Greeting Card.

Did we do a good job getting you excited? Because we’re not waiting until next year to get our hands shiny and styling. 😉

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