Make Your Own Birthday Card!

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A card is, in its own special way, a way for us all to remind our friends and family just how much we love them, that we remember them and wish for only the very best. Personalized Birthday Cards give it that extra flair, that personal touch, that something special all because you are the one making it.

Make your own Birthday Card and say it with style to your loved ones, wishing them a very happy birthday. Add in your own photos, words or just insert a name if you want to go for that minimalist approach — either way, it’s unique because you’ve added your own style and flair. It’s the effort and thoughtfulness that gets through above all else.




We’ve got a wide range of designs and categories, specially dedicated to the moment. We have Birthday Cards for mom, Birthday Cards for dad, Birthday Cards for friends, for him and for her. Get exactly what you need, and turn it into exactly what you want! Our Birthday Cards come in 3 different sizes, in Portrait, Landscape and Square. You could also choose from either a Flat or a Folded format. Each card is printed on an Uncoated Smooth paper, giving it quality coloured images, a premium feel and a comfortably writable surface.

Add your favorite photos. Depending on the card, you can make one photo the star or add a bunch to tell a story. Have a look at some of our different designs below to get a better idea when you want to make your own Birthday Card.





What To Write On A Birthday Card

So you want to make your own Birthday Card. But what do you want to fill it up with? While a picture says a thousand words, sometimes you may want to put in a little extra to really tie it down. There are several ways to go about it, but you don’t have to necessarily make it a lengthy message nor crack your brain too hard to figure out what to say in a Birthday Card either.

Besides talking about your love and care for them, your could flow your words to talk about either of the following…


Personal Values

Highlight the things you love about them. The things that attracted you to them and continues to make you admire them. Their kindness, earnesty, brilliance, good looks and so forth.


Hopes and dreams

Talk about what you want for them. Happiness, prosperity, health, longevity and so forth. Talk about them achieving their dream job, the perfect family, their ambitions and all the wonderful things you think they deserve.


Memory Lane

Reminisce back about the good times had together. Talk about a special moment you two shared, something that holds meaning. It’s always nice to read something that starts with “Hey do you remember when ….” and add a bit more weight to your content.



Well you can’t go wrong with a little bit of comedy. Crack a joke, or two, or ten, and give them more reasons to chuckle on their special day. If you know that the Birthday boy/girl appreciates a good joke, then by all means, go for it!




Go on and Click Here to have a look at our range of personalized Birthday Cards and check out all our different designs. Make your own Birthday Card and say it with style to your loved ones, wishing them a very happy birthday!


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