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Wicked Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids


Dear parents,

Break out the candy and funky costumes because All Hallow’s Eve is coming up baby! More than just fun for the whole family, it’s an activity shared by everyone in town. Houses are decked with creepy decor, Jack O’Lanterns and props of all kinds of ghoulish mannerisms. Brace yourselves as the sun sets for hordes of little trick-or-treaters will be knocking from door to door in search of fang-tastic treats. Be spooky, be silly or just plain awesome, but be something! You’ve seen all the really amazing outfits from cosplay gatherings (Comic Con much?) and from all over the net, so get in on the fun by dressing the kids up into a cool attire. Now, much like Valentine’s Day, prices shoot up as the day gets closer so get started on brainstorming for Halloween costume ideas for kids; either buying ready-made gear retail now or have some real fun by creating it yourself!

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10 Weeks till Christmas Countdown


BE WARY AND BE WARNED! We’ve got only slightly over ten weeks till Christmas and the bells are ringing up the hill fast. Time to get your necessary shopping done and start ticking-off from your check list. Do what you need to do to prepare for yet another memorable shindig! Get everyone excited, building up the jolly spirit together right to Christmas day! With that in mind, your friends at Photobook Worldwide took cues from the 12 Days of Christmas song (history aside, it’s a classic and very catchy!) to come up with a guideline to really make the most for the biggest day of the year.

We present to you… The 10 days till Christmas countdown! Take a day out of each week and try our ideas below.

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