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Save The Date Wordings & Quotes


The moment you’ve been waiting for finally came when he popped the question in a romantic setting just like something out of a movie.

A wedding is definitely in the planning but not without sharing the good news first with your friends and family. If you have decided on the date then make sure your guests reserve the date for your big day by sending them a Save The Date announcement.

Make your announcement more special by personalising one that sends a romantic vibe of the affection you and your significant other share. Add in some catchy lines into your good news that will tickle your receivers’ hearts.

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How to Shop & Save

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Tempted by too many products in irresistible prices, shopping obviously takes up a large portion of our monthly budget – making it a bit difficult to save money. Fortunately, you don’t need any specialised skills to start doing so. Just give yourself more breathing room by becoming a smart shopper instead.

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