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Photobook Interviews: Daniela Dee Kohler

Daniela Dee Kohler was a soul who was searching for her life’s calling. She’s traveled and tasted the exhilaration of what the world has to offer. After her personal journey of self realisation, she discovered herself in the depths of film making. With a heart filled with passion and experiences, she had gone on and started her own video production company, all the while enjoying a lifelong affair with the sea.

Photobook caught up with her in the midst of all her adventures to talk about the journey she’s been on so far.


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7 Of The Most Unusual Places On The Planet You Can Travel To


Pack your bags, you’re swapping your comfort zone for an epic adventure because the travelling season is here!

Go for an escapade to unusual yet fascinating destinations bestowed by Mother Nature and those created by men. See some of the planet’s strangest spots that you can pay a visit to and take a selfie or two for keepsake.

Here are 7 amazing places worth seeing at least once in your life.

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