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Photobook Interviews: Din Mokhtar

Din is one chilled cookie who enjoys his morning cycling sessions. He’s an Airborne & Satellite Radar Specialist who is now semi-retired and has taken a serious liking to recreational cycling. Making the most of his now (plenty of!) free time, he rides as often as he can and partakes in grueling triathlons. Photobook had a chat with him on …

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Photobook Interviews: Sriram Krishnan

Sriram Krishnan was in with the scene back when startups were building up, back in the day before SoundCloud or Spotify. He’s an entrepreneur of sorts, and greatly believes in the ability of a startup to shape markets and drive social change. We spoke with him on the phone about how he got to where he is today and the …

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Photobook Interviews: Dawn Jeremiah

Dawn Jeremiah is a bit of a wonder woman. She’s the marketing head of a digital agency, social enterprise co-founder, entrepreneur, a Ms World Malaysia runner-up (1st), a model, and a massive animal lover too. She enjoys travelling, scuba diving, and a lot more than we could reasonably mention! She works hard to enjoy the best that life has to offer …

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Photobook Interviews: Thomas Sheppard

He’s a loving family man, an all-round nice guy, and the dude owns his very own farm. Thomas Sheppard is a true-blue aussie from Queensland, and we say he’s a real trooper for sharing tales of how he came to be who he is today with us over a “few” beers.

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