Winterize Your Photos


Though winter brings with it snow and slush in some countries, it can also be the perfect backdrop for beautiful photos.


Photo by BoazImages

Here are a few tips to help you master shooting outside this winter:

White Balance

In the winter, the auto light balance function on your DSLR just won’t cut it most of the time. All that bright snow can really confuse your auto settings. To combat this, take multiple shots while adjusting your white settings manually on your camera. Once you find the white balance setting that works the best, stick with it for the remainder of the shoot.


Since snow is reflective, it can cause your DSLR to misread the white balance resulting in snow that looks grey or blue instead of white. To counteract this, it’s best to overexpose the image slightly to get whiter snow. Be careful not to overexpose or else you’ll risk losing detail in the shot. Research suggests that an Exposure Value (EV) setting of 0.3 to 1.0 EV will give you the whitest snow.


Most professionals would suggest that you avoid using a flash when photographing snowy scenes. However, in some cases, flash can add some detail to your shot or even some sparkle as the flash reflects snowflakes.

Bring a tripod

This is an ideal accessory to bring with you on an outdoor winter shoot to reduce the number of blurry images you take. Blurry images can occur due to the longer exposure outdoors so a tripod is a great tool to help steady your hand.

Bring extra batteries

Take multiple batteries with you as their life can drain much quicker in cold conditions.  It’s recommended that you store the batteries close to your body so they remain warm.

Keep your lens and lens cap dry

If your lens cap gets wet and you place it back on your camera, this can cause condensation and water spots on your lens. If your camera lens gets wet, you may encounter fog when bringing your camera back indoors. Allow your camera to warm up slowly and give the lens a good wipe to make sure it’s clear of any water spots.

With the above tips, get out there and enjoy the snow… and don’t forget your camera!



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