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A guest book is a great way to remember your special day and all of the guests that were apart of it. Guest books are great tools to have your guests and members of the wedding party get involved and give some tips to the newlyweds as well. By now, we’re sure you know that everyone likes to put their two cents in!

Here is a small list of some things to keep in mind when choosing a guest book and to make it work perfectly for your wedding day:


We find that the best book style and sizes for a guest book are a Medium Landscape Imagewrap and a Large Square Imagewrap. These style and size books allows for that much needed space for heartfelt well wishes and also to showcasing your beautiful photos on the page.


You want your guest book to have more white space or empty space than a typical photo book to allot space for your guests to sign and write special messages. However, you don’t want the layout to be too sparse just in case some of the pages do not get any signatures or writing.


The best paper type to select for your guest book is our beautiful 150gsm Superfine Eggshell paper. Since this paper type is uncoated, the ink will absorb into the pages quickly and won’t smudge or smear. This paper is held at the same high standards as the rest of our paper selection which means it is acid-free and archival; it won’t brown or yellow over time.


Any pen will do on the recommended paper type, but we have found the ultimate pen! The Fine Point Sharpie Pen works the best as the ink comes out in a solid stream but does not give off too much ink at one time. This means that it won’t soak through the pages like other pens but will give you a dark and legible output.


We also have created some breathtaking guest book Readybooks that are waiting for you now! Check out Lovingly Simple Guest Book and By the Bay Guest Book for some inspiration.

We hope that these suggestions and recommendations help make your job just that much easier!

Happy bookmaking (:


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