5 Most Popular Travel Readybooks

trip of the year readybook

summer explorer readybook

Summer Explorer Readybook | by Photobook Worldwide

Travels are made up of precious moments, so it’s important that they be frozen in time and to preserve memories of your travels, keep your travel photos in a photobook that will guarantee to last a lifetime.

If you’re pressed for time to finish a photo book of your travel adventures, or feel at a loss for design ideas, do not worry. We have taken it upon ourselves to design book templates that will reflect your love for adventures. They are a collection of splendid travel-themed Readybooks with which we aim to help you create your memento with greater ease.

Our travel books feature pre-designed templates that were conceived with the various tastes of our customers in mind, as well as their passion for travel and their many destinations.

Here’s the list of our top travel Readybooks for you to choose from for your last or next trip, whether it be a summer vacation, an urban escapade, or an exciting journey to a foreign land.

summer explorer readybook

Summer Explorer Readybook | by Photobook Worldwide

Summer Explorer Readybook

The Summer Explorer Readybook, to fit its name, is designed to have the feel of a travel journal as well as that of a map. Minimalist in design and featuring a few embellishments, it is good for evoking enjoyment, tranquility and quiet. It has large enough slots for photos so as not to make your pages look cramped, and it also allows for photos covering whole pages.

summer fun readybook

Summer Fun Readybook | by Photobook Worldwide

Summer Fun Readybook

The Summer Fun Readybook is another one of our summer-themed Readybooks, but it’s remarkably different in design from the above mentioned Summer Explorer. It has a quirkier design and sports brighter hues. The book lets you create full-bleed two-page spreads to exhibit breathtaking photos of the beach and other landscapes. Like Summer Explorer, it has large slots for photos on other pages. This Readybook is best for capturing summer’s vibrancy and vitality.

going places readybook

Going Places Readybook | by Photobook Worldwide

Going Places Readybook

Characterized by soothing and relaxing colors and a simple design, the Going Places Readybook makes for a string memento of whatever destination you may be on the road to. It has patches that contain colorful patterns, which provide accents. The Readybook also comes with fun scrapbook items, such as cameras, postcards and luggages, for added effect.

trip of the year readybook

Trip of The Year Readybook | by Photobook Worldwide

Trip of the Year Readybook

The Trip of the Year Readybook features a modern minimalist design and is adorned with nature-inspired embellishments and enlivened with earth hues – just perfect for giving a human touch to your photo book.  As such, this Readybook is best when you want to show the fulfillment you get from visiting places and meeting people.

urban escapade readybook

Urban Escapade Readybook | by Photobook Worldwide

Urban Escapades Readybook

As its name implies, the Urban Escapades Readybook is best for your fun getaways in the city, but you can also use it for photos of your other travel destinations. It includes muted colors for a vintage feel and has geometric shapes across its pages to make your photos look more attractive.

With their design and motif, we’re sure these Readybooks will make your travel photos livelier and your memories of your trip so vivid. In addition to that, they’ll last a lifetime, too. All these by just drag-and-dropping your photos into your chosen pre-designed template in the Photobook Designer Software.  And if the above 5 are not your cup of tea, check out the whole range here.

Create your travel Photobook by using these awesome travel Readybooks now!


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  2. I would like to create a book for our vacation to Jamaica and the Travel Readybooks are great!! However, other than the Pro series, all other book types come in 40 pages and that is not enough. I don’t want to create more than one book for this vacation. Can I add in extra pages and if so, what is the price for each extra page?