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So you’re getting married – CONGRATULATIONS!! You’ve bought the ring, done the proposal and broke the news to friends and family. All that’s left to do now is get married and spend but a lifetime with your special someone. With all the decision-making and running around, we’d tend to forget the smaller things. A lot of it are actually pretty simple stuff but the smallest details can make the biggest difference.

So here’s our personal compilation of the top ten super easy tips and tricks that’ll turn you into super-groom!


1. Groomed Grooms

You’ve got to be absolutely handsome for your big day. You know it. Your fiance will be spending a lot of time to look her best and she’ll appreciate you doing more than just brushing your teeth. It makes a difference when you take the effort to shine and show how you want to look as good for her as she does for you.

Get a haircut. Cut it a week in advance to make sure it’s not too short (Unless you’re the bald type) and that you’ve got time to grow into it. Better yet, invest in a professional shave and hair stylist!
*Wear a buttoned shirt or singlet while you’re shaving and doing up your hair to avoid messing it up when you’re finally getting dressed.

Indulge on facials. Smooth radiant skin goes a long way and you’ll want to look taken care of, especially since the photos taken is going to be laid down forever in a photobook!

Smell good. You know that our sense of smell is closely tied to our memory banks so you’ll want to lay down a nice scent for your blooming bride. Go for something that reflects your personality and lives up to the grand occasion as well.
*To really take it to the next level, only wear it next time for ‘follow-up’ special occasions, like an anniversary.

Manicure. It may seem insignificant to us men, but it would make a heck of a difference to her when we do. You may want to consider a pedicure as well if its going to be a beach type wedding where chances are you’ll be barefoot or wearing sandals.
*DO NOT go for nail art. Just don’t.

Suit up. A sharp tailored suit will do wonders when you walk the aisle. Remember how suave James Bond looks? Yeah, strive for that. Go for a professional tailor and they’ll hook you up with the right cuts, cuffs and materials.

It all comes back to the same point we can’t stress enough: Women notice this stuff, and they will remember the effort you took.

 band aid

 2. The Emergency kit

Okay you look good, but be careful to keep it that way. Assign one of your groomsmen to have the Groom Emergency Kit always in hand. It’s basically all the little stuff you’ll need in tight moments like mouthwash, tissue, important phone numbers and even basic sewing set. Think of it like life insurance – wise to have and hope to never use. Keep the said groomsmen close at all times too.


 3. Groomsmen

Speaking of groomsmen, these fella’s are your elite! Consisting of brothers, both by blood and by bond, they’re there to make sure you’re good and that everything runs smoothly. Give it some thought and know who’s the reliable, responsible one and who’s the unpredictable prank artist. If you’re thinking of doing one of those really cool routines, remember that amazing, sincere and sweet stuff works; but mean, poorly practiced and one-sided jokes do not.


4. Let go and smile

It’s going to be a fun, beautiful, meaningful day; but it’ll also get tiring and distracting, especially when it’s supposed to be so coordinated. More often than not, couples tend to be so focused to make sure everything is running smoothly by doing their part that a lot is lost, even something as unassuming as ALWAYS SMILING. It’s simple.. just remember why you’re there. You’re about to wed that stunning heavenly being and she’s there for the same exact reason you are, you’re both in-love. So smile..

A lot of your wedding photos won’t just be by the official photographer, but by friends and family and their mobile phones. Don’t get caught with a frown. *See point 9.

 5. Get Sentimental

This one will truly be worth it! Especially when you do it on your wedding day. Do little things that would catch her off-guard like getting her maid-of-honour to slip her a love note as she’s getting ready (best before the make-up), personally pulling the videographer aside for an impromptu message dedication or even stopping dead smack of the procession to take an epic selfie!


6. DON’T start a food fight

Some guys just aren’t too good when they’re under the spotlight, what more than being on stage. So while the pressure to be spontaneous and funny is there, it’s not a good idea to mush up her make up with cake. Keep that bit simple, straightforward and clean. Regardless whether its the cutting of the cake or a toast during dinner. An all out wedding food fight might seem epic in some high-school movie, but not so much as an adult. Remind your groomsmen on this as well.


 7. Appoint a Rescue-Man!

Alright! So you’ve placed the rings, exchanged your vows and kissed your wife (Air jump high five!). Now comes the hard part. People usually leave this part out, but the best advice we’ve ever heard is “You’re not actually marrying her, you’re marrying her entire family”. That’s right boys, even loony Aunt Petunia who takes to the karaoke microphone after a few drinks is now officially family.

You’ll be cornered by inquisitive, overbearing relatives who, while they mean well, can prove to be tiresome especially when all you want to do is have fun and mingle with everyone else as well. This is where a rescue man comes in. Assign a smooth and sharp witted groomsmen as the official “Hey dude you’re needed here!” guy. Have a subtle gesture of some sort to signal when you need to be pulled away from conversation without appearing rude. It could be a certain way you’ll swipe your hair, fix your tie or tap your shoulders.



8. Arrange for a personal session with your bride’s Inner circle

We’ve already mentioned the “You’re not actually marrying her, you’re marrying her entire family” advice. Take it a step further by stating some simple, although obvious, facts to her best friends and close family members (The inner circle) like how you’ll care for her and that you appreciate them accepting you into the family. It’s not a big deal if you don’t but you’ll come off as a caring, considerate and responsible partner if you do. Big brownie points to be won here!

 9. Amateurs knows best!

So you’re not a professional dancer, an accomplished toastmaster or even a design guru (kudos if you any of these) but if you’re thinking of doing something awesome, don’t worry about making mistakes. It’s all in good fun and makes it all the more memorable. But do make sure you rehearse well enough to know what you’re supposed to do when you’re supposed to do it (refer to Point 3). A dance routine? Timeless classics like the Dirty Dancing routine or a Bee Gee’s song usually does the trick or you could go for a fun and humorous angle like Beastie Boys’ Intergalactic, Psy’s Gangnam Style or an N’SYNC number even!

When it comes to speeches, unless you know you’ve got gold, keep it sweet and classy. Not everyone may get your sense of humour and worse if you don’t realize its an inside joke. Go for the sentimental approach and small details would once again be a big deal. Just don’t make it tedious.

While a professional photographer is usually a must for weddings, don’t discount the paparazzi! Casual mobile phone cameras taken by guests usually get the most candid and unexpected shots. You can ask your guests to email you some of their favourite shots or better yet, ask them to upload those photos with an assigned hashtag!

 Untitled design (11)


10. The wedding isn’t over

The excitement doesn’t always have to end when the last of the guests leave. Nor do you actually have to rush up to well.. consummate. The ordeal of an entire wedding is definitely a lot of fun, but can prove taxing at the end of the day. You’re going to spend the rest of your life together so there’ll be plenty of time for the nasty. That being said, you might want to postpone the 1st night tradition for the following day when you’re both well rested and more energized, both physically and mentally.

So what else can you do if you’re not getting your freak on with your gorgeous bride? Why another surprise of course! It can be anything from a private supper with leftover foods at the corner of the hall while everyone else is busy cleaning up, or an unnecessarily long quiet walk  to a diner, hand-in-hand. Both of you may be pretty disheveled by now, but keep the wedding dress and tux on anyway. See below for other suggestions for you to consider..

  • A romantic carriage ride. This one’s a classic, arrange for a carriage ride to whisk her away on a sweet trip. Cuddling advisable.
  • A relaxing dip in the jacuzzi. Take full advantage if your venue has a jacuzzi or a hot tub. It’s just as intimate and a nice release from the exhaustion and welcomed chaos of the day. But hey.. it’s no one’s fault if things get steamy.
  • A slideshow of the raw photos. Get the photographer and videographer to set up a slideshow of the unedited photos and videos to recap the entire party!
  • A post-wedding photoshoot. Have a fun-filled, casual photoshoot with everyone everywhere!
  • Another vow! Whisper to her you’ve got something to tell her and pull her aside somewhere private; keep this one private and more intimate. Think of it as a secret confession of love meant only within the sanctity of your marriage.


So there you have it.. Some easy tips to kick-off a fabulous start to a new exciting adventure and to win you a few extra years of marital bliss. But even with all or any of the above, just keep in mind that marriage isn’t just a beautiful union of two souls, but a synergy of love, trust and support. Bless you both and best of luck!


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