Out of the Box Wedding Ideas

wedding ideas

wedding ideas

After having the love of your life pop the ultimate question, there comes a time where you’re just kind of freaking out about what comes next, WHAT ABOUT THE WEDDING?!

There must be a lot of things and many ideas running through the mind as the barrage of emotions continues to overwhelm you. More importantly, you’ll strive to make this an unforgettable day not just for the both of you, but everyone in your life. We want to open you up to some groovy ideas that might just score you an ‘A’ for your wedding.



First up, contrary to popular belief, a wedding doesn’t have to burn a hole in your pocket. The key to that is to do as much DIY as possible. It’s the little details that make all the difference, giving you that one of a kind vibe. All weddings are special, yours is no exception and should be truly uniquely you. This is when personalising it to your heart’s content comes in. Whether it’s sending out invitations, floral arrangements during the big day or the post wedding blues where you want to preserve your memories into something that last till the end of time. Involve your family and friends on this exciting times, chances are they will be more than willing to help. Dedicate some time of your own just to gather some ideas that appeal most to you. Let the wedding scream you. This is the time to put your creativity to good use.

wedding ideas

Friends & Family

The wedding might be yours, but family and friends play a huge part too, so let them to be more hands on. Who knows they might have some brilliant ideas under their sleeves so be more accepting. Instead of giving out a standardised goodie bag or wedding favours, let guests fill up their bags with treats of their choice and even decorate their own bag. This way everyone will be pleased and your wedding will be memorable.


Yeah, we know it’s your wedding and you’d want to have a playlist you call yours (and your future husband’s). But before you may or may not go all bridezilla, how about letting your friends and family take part in making a playlist that caters for all. Simply put a section for song request on the RSVP card. Music not only helps set the ambience but is also a great conversation starter. Before you know it, a dance-off can just take place. You can’t go wrong with a mix of everything. Imagine the look of excitement on their faces when they hear their favourite songs.

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The bridesmaids may not be the center of attention, as all eyes will be on you on your special day. But they do play quite the important role after you and your man. Times have changed and so do bridesmaids’ dresses. It doesn’t have to be all the same, have a pop of colour by having your bridesmaid wear different shades. Imagine how refreshing it would be to see everyone in a variety of colours as the wedding takes off in the most mesmerizing fashion.

dog in suit

Flower girls.. or ladies and pets?

Try something eccentric that would keep your guests at the edge of their seats. What better way to throw in a surprise or two by letting your seniors become the flower girls instead.

Don’t forget about your other love a.k.a your pet dog or cat that has been there for you through thick and thin. It is almost a sin not to include it on your big day, so be sure to have them carry a special role at the wedding. Let them shine as they wear something cheeky to reflect their personality or the owner. Go for a sign that says “my humans are getting married”. Have a little fun with it, it is your wedding after all!



More often than not, wedding menus just don’t quite meet the needs of some people. We need real food for real people. Food that feeds the soul, and two words come into mind – FOOD TRUCK! Have the food truck on standby at all times in case anyone gets hungry. Throw in a dessert bar even that allows people to customise their cupcakes. Better yet, nothing some ice-cream can’t fix, so make sure to have that. Prepare lots of sprinkles and other condiments to go with it, the adults are sure to enjoy it as much as the kids.

The Little Things

These are the things that would put you on the A-list. They might appear small but can touch the heart in the purest form. What is a wedding without shedding some tears of joy? Make sure to slot in a hanky or two for those special moments. Prepare little delights that suit the location, whether it is outdoor or indoor. For example, if it is an outdoor setting, provide sunglasses and popsicles for your guests to make them feel taken care of. You don’t want them to recall your day as “The day I was dehydrated and couldn’t wait to go home”.


After Party Service

We have heard it all – Be a responsible drinker, don’t drink and drive. However, this is the day of celebration. So what better way than to drink till the booze runs out. However, we still want to make sure everyone is home safe and sound at the end of the day. Provide some sort of transportation like a cab service on standby or make sure to RSVP for those planning to hitch a ride or carpool.

At the end of the day, just enjoy yourself as you embark on this new chapter of life. Don’t sweat over the little things. It’s normal to freak out wanting everything to be in a perfect order. This is your time and make the best out of it

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