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Here it is! The beginning of our quest, in search of our chosen one who will win a lifetime supply of photobooks*. That’s right! We’re opening a Golden Opportunity for everyone all around the world to participate in where one outstanding soul will get a steady supply of photobooks, enough to last an entire natural life cycle. That’s a lot of captured moments and precious memories, all laid out in an impressive library’s worth of adventures. We think that’s pretty epic actually.

But how does this whole thing work you ask? Well first off, just place an order on any of our photobooks between 20th and 27th of September 2014. We’ll accept absolutely anything and everything, photobooks of all types and sizes, themes and occasions, with different vouchers and discount codes; all of it stands an equal chance. Upon completing your order and receiving your photobook, take a peek inside. 100 lucky people will find a Golden Ticket like the one below…

If you’re one of the fortunate few, you’re entitled to a FREE* Medium Landscape Imagewrap Hardcover Photobook. Woohoo! Use the Medium Landscape Imagewrap to really unleash your uninhibited creativity and design something spectacular. Once you’re done, use the unique code on the Golden Ticket upon check out.

See that magic is real and that it comes in many forms, often in the most subtle ways all around us. We’ve always encouraged our fellow photobookers to let loose on their imagination and explore every possibility; to spark ideas and let the rhythm flow out and create wonderful exciting art. We’re looking for the most creative and inspired photobook design. On top of winning a lifetime supply of photobooks, the winner will also get an official “Best Photobook Design” Certificate and their design featured on all our platforms (Totally share worthy!!).

So now that we’ve received your entry, what now? Keep calm and await for the winner announcement. Deadline for submissions is on All Hallow’s Eve, after which, a selected panel of Photobook judges will examine all entries and vote on the best one based on creativity and overall aesthetics. The winner will be informed by personal notification, email blast and official statement across all our platforms. Runner-ups will also be displayed for adoration.

You can read more on the finer details on our website. Click here to check it out!

So here it is guys… The quest in search of the most creative and inspired photobook design has thus begun! A truly Golden Opportunity to find the chosen one who will win a lifetime supply of photobooks*. So take on the challenge and embark onwards to claim your destiny!

*please refer to website for complete Terms and Conditions.


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