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Once you’ve completed designing your photobook, click on the top right ‘order’ icon on your Photobook Designer. It’s the round green shopping cart button. Follow the steps and an account login page will open up in a new window. You’ll land on the ‘My cart’ page where you’ll be able to upgrade your paper type and add on accessories like a presentation box or slip case.


To upgrade a different paper type, click on the “Change” button and a pop-up will appear for your choose from the choice of available papers.

Upgrading Paper Type | Photobook

Click on “Change” button

Select Paper Type | Photobook

Select the correct paper type


Default paper types & upgrade options
All Imagewrap Photobooks: 170gsm Premium Silk paper (upgrade available at a fee)
All Debossed Photobooks: 170gsm Premium Silk paper (upgrade available at a fee)
Extra Large Landscape Imagewrap Photobooks: 216gsm Premium Silk paper (upgrade is free)
Professional Series Photobooks: 216gsm Premium Silk paper (upgrade is free)
All Softcover Photobooks: 190gsm Photo Lustre paper (no paper upgrade available)
All Proof Books: 170gsm Premium Silk paper (no paper upgrade available)


Next for accessories, you’ll find that there is a ‘No Accessories’ notice. Click on the ‘Change’ button to the right of the text and a pop-up will appear, offering you a choice of either a Presentation Box or Slip Case. Select one and another option will be available underneath the accessories section where you get to pick out the cover material and colour. The standard is European Buckram Black 404/526, but you can go for another by once again clicking on the ‘Change’ button to the right of the text and selecting from our wide selection.  Please note that accessories are not available for all Softcover Photobooks and all Proof Books.

Accessories Option | Photobook

Click on the “Change” button to see the list of available accessories


Accessories | photobook

Choose the accessories of your preference

Select the material type & color | photobook

Select the material type and color

Screenshot 5

You can click here to check out the different cover materials and colour selections.

Your Item Total amount now will reflect your bill accordingly. Once you’re done and happy with your selection, proceed to the following page by clicking on continue on the bottom right of the page.


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