Make Your Own Serving Tray Board Game!



With the introduction of our brand new personalizable Serving Trays, we got to thinking that making a board game using the Serving Tray would actually be pretty fun. So we got started and began playing around.


There’s a few reasons why we think this is a brilliant idea. For one, it’s just fun to do. It’s easy to carry around and the borders keep all the pieces inside (especially the dice!). The borders are 1.4” high from the inlay surface so you can give your shot a good roll without having to worry it going over. The gloss finish keeps your surface clean and protected from scratches, which lets you switch between playing games and serving food and drinks. It’s practical, decorative AND fun!


Race type games are best for what we have available, such as Snakes & Ladders and other Jumanji-esque kinda games (just saying, but having safari animals and crazy vines shoot out from the board game would be kinda cool).


Jumanji 1


First what you’ll want to do is to figure out your gameplay. The cool thing about what we’re trying to do is that it’s all customizable, so we get to determine ourselves what our obstacles or power-ups are going to be; although using rules from existing templates would be best to save yourself a lot of time and testing.


We’re going for the Snakes & Ladders style, where everyone starts from the same box and race their way the finish line. The inlay of our serving platter is 13.3″ x 7.2″, so we’ll have to design our board game around that. We started with a common box and an end box, and designed our path from there. Once done, we placed a few scrap items around the design to give it a funkier feel.


We then alternated our obstacles and opportunities along the route and got a bit creative with how we presented it. We chose to make toddler-ish version of the path we would take to get to our town park. There were a few trial and errors in between before we got ourselves a winner! 

Board Game-Serving Trays-1


We took the design out and made a template out of it so you can easily make your own if you want. Click on the photo below for the full sized image.

Board Game-Serving Trays-3


You can use the template above as your background on the Serving Tray, then add on your own text, scrap elements, images and even additional obstacles and power-ups if you want! So there you go, your own Serving Tray board game to make things practical, decorative and fun too. A dice (or two) and several Counters/Game Piece (miniature figurines or poker chips) and you’re good to go.


But of course, there are other things you can get do as well – like finger twister, horse track, or chess and checkers! (We’re all about family togetherness but at the risk breaking a happy home – you could even do a mini-monopoly if you want!)


CLICK HERE to check out our line of Personalizable Serving Trays – and here’s another potential design idea if you’re interested in making a Serving Tray Board Game.

Board Game-Serving Trays-2



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