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Photobook Interviews: Hanna

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She creates stunningly intricate cakes seemingly out of thin air; and they’re delicious too! Hanna Baharin is someone who has successfully made a career out of her passions, although she did not start that way. She put in her hours and slaved through to get where she is today. She’s a loving wife and mother whose only other obsession besides cakes is baking for her kids. Read on as she tells of her tales of how she made her interests into a labour of love.

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4th of July Activities for Kids


July 4th is the day all Americans honor their country and also to draw a closer bond with friends and family in a barbecue, picnic, baseball game or other Fourth of July traditions. But do your kids know the meaning of this patriotic event?

Get them involved by creating fun moments with these made-for-kids activities.

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