4th of July Activities for Kids



July 4th is the day all Americans honor their country and also to draw a closer bond with friends and family in a barbecue, picnic, baseball game or other Fourth of July traditions. But do your kids know the meaning of this patriotic event?

Get them involved by creating fun moments with these made-for-kids activities.


Activity #1: Foodie goodie

A celebration calls for a feast. If your get-together involves food, gather the kids to help you out in the kitchen. Not only will you have extra helping hands but also quality time with the kids doing something enjoyable together.

Come up with a few delightful patriotic indulgences made for everyone such as American flag cupcakes for the sweet tooth, patriotic fruit punch to quench thirst or red, white and blue popsicles to stay cool from the summer heat.



Activity #2: Arts & crafts

Just like any other holidays, decoration is essential for every home. Make the decorating job something the kids look forward to by getting their creative minds up and running with do-it-yourself projects.

Get the kids to paint patriotic designs on plain rocks and place these rocks as centerpieces, outdoor decorations or even as a paperweight.

patriotic-rocks1Source: http://greenowlart.blogspot.my/2013/06/patriotic-rocks.html

Create a patriotic wreath with wire frames and clothespin to give your front door or wall a little Fourth of July vibe.

DIY AMERICAN FLAG WREATH (1)Source: http://roselawnlutheran.org/decor/american-flag-wreath/

Make star parade wands to put around the house as decorations or give it to the kids to wave during a parade.

Parade-Wands-1024x1024Source: http://blog.consumercrafts.com/kids-stuff/4th-of-july-craft-star-wands/

IMG_2424 Girls4thofJulyDress-685x1024



Let the kids design their own Fourth of July fashion to parade in for an all-American spirit. For example, a DIY Uncle Sam’s hat made with duct tapes or a hand painted star-spangled dress.





Source: http://www.armelleblog.com/2013/07/Diy-duct-tape-uncle-sam-ha.html  | http://crazylittleprojects.com/2013/06/diy-4th-of-july-dress-for-girls.html


Activity #3: Outdoor games

There are plenty of entertaining games for you and your kids to enjoy on this federal holiday:

  • Hop to the finish line in a Potato Sack Race that will have all participants laughing away in enjoyment. To get into the spirit of Independence Day, colour the potato sacks in red, blue and white.
  • Send your kids on a scavenger hunt around the house or neighbourhood for patriotic items like mini American flags, things in red, blue or white colour, pinwheels and more. To add more fun and give the kids a little stretching, set an activity for them to accomplish such as “Do 5 push-ups” or “Do Jumping Jack for 3 times” upon collecting the necessary items.
  • Make your own carnival at home by setting up games like balloon darts, ring tosses and tin can toss games. Collect bottle caps and use them as tokens to mimic a real American fair.
  • Grab some Hula-Hoops and get participants to twirl as long as they can. The person who twirl the longest wins.


Activity #4: Bike parade

Share the joy of July 4th by organising a mini bike parade with the neighbourhood kids and have a contest for the most beautifully decorated bike. Have them beautify their bikes creatively with patriotic coloured streamers, firecracker ribbon bows on the handlebars, wrap the bike with red, blue and white tinsels, attach pinwheels and cut-out stars on the bike or painted tin cans on string trailing behind the bike.

Don’t forget to dress up the kids too to match with their bikes!

patriotic-bikeSource: https://www.mnn.com/family/family-activities/blogs/4-for-the-fourth-fun-crafts-for-kids


Activity #5: Fireworks watching

No one can miss Fourth of July without witnessing the beauty of fireworks to end the day. Join the crowd for a spectacular fireworks display that will leave you and your kids in awe. But if you prefer to avoid the traffic jams or getting lost in a sea of people, find an alternative spot with less or no crowd to catch and enjoy the live show.





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