6 Helpful Tips For A Wonderful Nursery



Welcoming a new bundle of joy soon? Great!

While waiting for the arrival of the newborn, dedicate your time in planning and styling a wonderful room for the little one. Don’t know where to start?

Let us break down a few useful tips to help you achieve a lovely nursery.


1. Put on your creative hat


When it comes to the interior, we say let your imagination run free. But always remember that a baby won’t stay a baby forever so you might want to give priority to timeless designs.

Paint the wall with luxurious colours such as white, brown and grey that is suitable for anyone of any age. If it looks a little dull, be your own artist and consider placing fuss-free wall decals that will not taint your walls. Stripes or chevron patterns are some of the favourable designs that won’t go out of style. You could also include bold colour accessories that is easily removable at anytime like a sunny yellow rug or a hot pink stool. Try including a personalised Kid’s Growth Chart to give a unique and cute touch to the room.


2. Furnitures that will grow with your baby


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We know you want to give only the best to your precious miracle hence, making it difficult to run away from pretty baby furnitures especially for first time parents. Before you decide to swipe your card for a beautiful designer crib, think long term – why break the bank when you can find adaptable furnitures to grow with your baby? Like a baby’s crib that can be converted to a toddler’s bed or a changing table into a dresser.

If you believe in giving second chances, it’s worth scouting around flea markets, garage sales or second hand stores for baby furnitures that still meet the current safety requirements. You will be surprised to find some hidden gems at these places. Otherwise, it would also be a good idea to ask from your friends and family who have baby furnitures that they want to let go. You would be helping them to free some space at home.


3. Be storage smart


As babies grow, they tend to make a mess out of anywhere you put them in. Before this episode begins to play out, plan a storage system to keep things in place so you won’t have to turn the house upside down looking for a safety pin.

Make use of an empty wall by installing wall shelves or pegboards that can hold baby necessities especially at the changing station. Arrange the necessities on a personalised Serving Tray for a different kind of look. By investing on a chest of drawers, you could save plenty of space to store baby’s clothes, diapers, towels and more. The top of the drawer could also function as a baby changing area so that everything is within your reach while attending to your baby.

Go green by recycling plastic jars from your finished peanut butter spread to stash small items like cotton buds or safety pins. These jars can be reused when your baby is older by storing hair ties or stationeries. At the same time, have some fun customising these jars with patterns or names in the form of personalised Sticker Labels as an added room decoration.

Toys create a big mess when they’re scattered all over. Keep them in canvas baskets, clear bags or fabric storage boxes and arrange them on a bookshelf for a tidier and safer space.


4. Baby proofing project


Newborns may not have full control of their bodies yet but before you know it, in just a handful of months they will learn how to roll, crawl and walk with their natural curiosity at hand. While a baby’s curiosity is a good start for learning, parents have to create a safe surrounding for them.

Electrical outlets, sharp edges, cluttered electrical cords, drawers and cabinets are notorious attractions to babies that could bring harm to them. The ideal way to help reduce baby injuries is to baby proof the place. Some baby proofing tricks are simple to do it yourself like these:

  • Gather thick rubber bands or hair ties and stretch them over two cabinet doors. This will help to avoid your baby from reaching for harmful products inside the cabinet. But be mindful that the cabinet doors can still injure your child without supervision.
  • If there are a number of power outlets in the room, use plain Band-Aid to cover them and place large furnitures in front to keep babies out of reach.
  • Bundle up electrical wires with cable ties so your baby won’t play with them that could give them an electric shock.
  • Protect your baby from sharp edges around the room with tennis balls or pipe insulation foam. Just cut a few small slices into the core and wedge them over the corners.
  • DIY a baby gate made from plywood, fabric or even PVC pipe and install it at the entrance of the room. Once your baby starts to learn the excitement of crawling and walking, the gate will prevent them from roaming out of the room unnoticed and unsupervised.


5. Make it an adult-friendly space


The room may belong to your child but chances are you will most probably be spending most of your time in here than your own room. So make the room a part of you by reserving one corner as an adult station where you get to relax while watching over and spending time with your little one.

Place a cozy chair or bean bag, a coffee table and books according to your preference that will give you the comfort.

Form a unique corner by adding personalised mementos in the room for a personal touch. For example,surround the room with family images on Canvas Prints or fill the room with the comfort of Photo Pillows.


6. No last minute business


Last but not least, try not to make your nursery planning a last minute thing to do as welcoming a newborn is overwhelming enough. We suggest not to give yourself more pressure but more time and freedom to execute your planning at your own pace. That way you will have a calmer and focus mind to pull together a room that is suited for you and the little one. Take this opportunity to bond with your baby bump too.

Good luck!


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