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How To Set Goals And Slay Them!

Personalisable insta cards to help with your fitness goals.

Establish sustainable and meaningful goals the S.M.A.R.T. way.

Whoa, January is coming to a close! How are your resolutions coming along? Hashtag no pressure, because if you’re anything like us, we fell off the bandwagon ages ago. Hah. 

Don’t get us wrong, everybody has something to work on. But we also strongly believe not to set ourselves up for failure in the process of bettering ourselves. And we can start by setting goals instead of resolutions!

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Your Lunar New Year Checklist


This Lunar New Year, we welcome the year of the Pig – the twelfth and final Chinese zodiac in the cycle. Shout out to all those born in the year of the Pig because on this prosperous celebration, you will definitely want to spread even more happiness and love in style with our auspicious personalised products (like the ang pow above)!

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Just What Dr. Ben Ordered: Perfect Skin & Personalised Teddies


An unusual combination of a dentist and Instagram influencer, Dr. Benjamin Ng has an army of 40,000 Instagram followers – presumably not won over by close-ups of cavity-filled mouths, rather, his aesthetically curated photos juxtaposed with unpretentious and witty, often mischievous captions.

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