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Birthday Traditions From Around The World!

We’re always on the lookout for novel and over-the-top ways to celebrate birthdays, aren’t we? Well, what about borrowing some of these ideas? You could cover the birthday boy/girl in sticky flour for a day, or pull on their earlobes with sadistic intent until they reach their ankles, or hire an evil clown to torment them throughout a birthday party.

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1st Birthday Invitation Wording Ideas

Congratulations, you’ve survived the first year of your baby! This calls for a celebration – the first birthday of your little bundle of joy, that is. Let your family and friends know your sweetie pie is finally turning one and wants to celebrate the first of many by sending them an invitation. But what should you write in it?

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How to Throw An Awesome Birthday Party

A year older, a year wiser. It’s a birthday celebration so let the fun begin! We’ve put together a comprehensive guide on how to throw an awesome birthday party, and included some complementary essentials that will put every guest in the mood. Let’s get to it, shall we? 

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13 years of creating magical moments

Turning 13 is no small feat for any brand, and we at Photobook Worldwide are especially elated to be where we are today. Looking back at our humble beginnings, where the business literally started operations in our co-founder Mark’s home and how that little idea has spread all over the world, we truly have plenty to be grateful for. And …

Thanks a million to all Photobook fans.