Choosing the Right Book for Your Project – Back to Basics

Photobook Sizes

We’ve got a dozen of sizes and double that up with a variety of Photobook types – and we know that it can be overwhelming to start selecting the right Photobook. With our years of experience in Photobook making, we are going to make your selection process a little teeny bit easier with some helpful tips.

Small and Medium sized books are great for:

  • Weekend trips.
  • Newborns.
  • Camping.
  • Pet photography.
  • Kids drawings.
  • Engagements.
  • Corporate.
  • Recipe books.

Large to Extra Large size books work best for:

  • Weddings.
  • Long/big vacations.
  • Portfolios.
  • Yearbooks (365).
  • Milestone birthdays.

Besides sizes, we offer a variety of TYPES of photobooks that serves different purposes and functions. To make it easier to understand, we will detail it below :-

  • Pro Series Photobooks are our most elegant and professional style books. These are highly recommended for special occassions like weddings and high profile events & functions. These books comes in standard 80-pages.
  • Imagewrap and Debossed Photobooks are hardcover books with personalized covers to that you can put images and/or words to your liking. These are recommended for everyday events, special occasions, travel diaries, school year books, portfolios and just about anything you can think of! These books comes in standard 40-pages.
  • Softcover Photobooks are our light version that are great for the everyday occasion. You can use this type of Photobook as portfolios, company profile, travel books/diaries, cookbooks, and anything you fancy! In fact, we think these photobooks are great as a personalized corporate proposal or pitching books.

That summarizes the range of Photobook we have in Photobook Worldwide, and we hope that this helps in your photobook selection process.

Happy bookmaking!


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