Project 365

Project 365

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. With a single click and flash, a moment in time is preserved forever. Imagine documenting an entire year with a single photo per day and looking back and remembering a single moment from each of the 365 days.

Whether you take photos using Instagram, Polaroids, a professional DSLR, or an everyday digital camera, documenting a photo per day is a priceless photographic journey.

Project 365 can be any theme you want. For starters, the one person you will see everyday is yourself. Consider taking a self-portrait each day to look back on your varying expressions, clothes, and even those good and bad hair days! Other themes can include: children, pets, families, and even inanimate objects like a plant, your office desk, or a changing landscape.

Tips on getting started:

1) Bring your camera everywhere!
2) Write notes about each photo in a notebook.
3) When designing your photo book, add content to each photo to tell a story.
4) Experiment with different camera angles and lighting. This will make you an even better photographer.
5) Don’t stop, keep going. Trust us, it’ll be worth it!

And remember, this is your project, your way; so keep it fun, imaginative, and enjoy the daily ride. Want a nice Readybook template? Check out our 365 days or Colourful Year Readybook today!

Happy Book Making!


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