Making an Instagram Photobook

Instagram Photobook

Whether it is 1977, Lo-fi, X Pro II or Hefe, you can make an Instagram Photobook easily with our Photobook Designer.  Using your instagram photos that you have taken on your phone, you can make a cool collection of these photos into series of photobooks.

For Instagram Photobook, we suggest using Square Photobooks as you can easily arrange single photos or page layouts that goes well with the square nature of the instagram photos.  We have 8″x8″ and 11″x11″ Square Photobooks that are suitable for this purpose.  In the Photobook Designer, you can select different type of layout for different pages so you can have a variety of styles to display your Instagram photos.

If you are not keen on creating an Instagram Photobook from scratch, you can also opt for our Readybook options.  We created a series of Small Landscape Photobook that would be perfect for your fun Instagram photos.  Do check out the Readybook in this series :-

So, turn your Instagram photos into an Instagram Photobook today.  Make a collection of these photos or maybe make one as a gift.


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