Happy 2013!

New year

Happy New Year from all of us at Photobook Worldwide!

Ushering the new year, we wanted to give all of you a very special and warm thanks for another wonderful year! We really enjoy being able to be apart of your happiest and most memorable moments. It meant the world to us that you have chosen us to make your special moments eternal by making them into Photobooks.

The end of the year also marks the time to reflect on the past year’s memories and special moments. We have put together a few cool ideas you could use to turn these memories into lifetime keepsakes, and you can browse them through our Readybooks below :-

  • The 365 Photobook : Make the year eternal – put those great moments into a Photobook. Do one every year and you’ll soon have a collection that will make a great family heirloom collection!
  • Photo Journal : Put together family and friend’s photo and make it into a great New Year gift!
  • Family Calendar Book : Categorize the events by month and put those featured photos plus comments and notes on the photobook itself.

Again, from all of us at Photobook Worldwide, we want to wish you a happy and prosperous New Year! All the best in 2013 and beyond!


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