5 Non Conventional Valentine Ideas


Valentines Day is just around the corner so hopefully you have a little something for your sweetie. But if not, we have a few DIY ideas that are sure to swoon them into a state of bliss.

Send a heart attack!

Cut out a bunch of different sized hearts in an assortment of colors, preferably in red and pinks from construction paper. get a small box and decorate the box with large hearts on the outer side. Mail the box to your Valentine or simply give it to them via hand. If you have more time, write a little message on each of the hearts – well, you want to show a little effort in this, don”t you?


A coupon book.

Give your Valentine a gift that keeps on giving! Present them with a coupon book full of vouchers that can be redeemed for different things such as breakfast in bed, a foot rub, a lunch date, or a romantic dinner. You”ll be surprised that when situation gets tensed up, these coupons can lighten the mood and bring back the smile.


Bacon hearts.

Does your Valentine love bacon? Who doesn’t? Surprise your Valentine with heart-shaped bacon for a wonderful Valentine’s Day breakfast. And don”t stop there.. you can also buy little heart shaped mould to cut out carrots, potatos and cucumber into the shape of hearts. Ok, that”s a little overdo… hahaha…


Valentine’s Day crackers.

Surprise your loved one with a cracker filled with all of their favourite things! These crackers are easy and inexpensive to make and they sure deliver a BANG!


Decorate with love.

If you’re making your Valentine a scrumptious homemade dinner, why not spruce up the place a little with some decorations? Take heart shaped doilies and interlace them with twinkle lights. Not only will it look beautiful, it’ll provide soft lighting for some extra romance.


For more cute, flirty, and fun Valentines Day DIY ideas, check out our Valentines Day board on Pinterest! Our team has pinned up some cool stuff for Valentines and we are sure you will be able to pick up more Valentine ideas from our Pinterest board!

Happy Valentines!


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