Proposing with a Photobook

couple proposing

couple proposing

Figuring out the best way to pop the question to your special someone can be overwhelming. At Photobook, we’ve seen that an ultimate unique way to say “I love you!” is with a proposal photo book! Valentine’s Day is always a good time, but truth be told, there’s never a better time to take it to the next level than now.

To help you out with this exciting step, we want to propose some tips to you:

Don’t give away the ending! Avoid giving your partner the feeling of what the book is really about. Pass off the photo book as a sweet gesture or even as a gift for Valentine’s Day that celebrates your love for one another.

Your love story. Make it a point to display your images in chronological order. Begin with your puppy love and until you have reached present day. It will be a great trip down memory lane and you can probably laugh at some unfortunate hairdos too!

Size isn’t everything. We have found that smaller book sizes work the best. Book sizes like Small Squares and Medium Landscapes/Portraits should do the trick.

Keep it simple! The more simple the design, the better. Keep the backgrounds black or white and only one or two photos per page. This way, your partner can focus on the photos easier. A good title idea for the cover is “Why I love you” or “Will you be my Valentine?”

Get romantic! Write your partner a love note! But don’t display it until the end. That way they won’t pick up on any hints.

The question… Here it is. The pièce de résistance. End the book with your marriage proposal. Questions such as the evergreen “Will you marry me?”, or a slightly different “Let’s spend eternity together” or even “Be my Happily Ever After” is always a safe bet! When your partner turns to the last page, physically and mentally prepare yourself. Get the ring ready and present it to them just as they finish reading the last page.

Keep the story going. Leave a few pages empty after the question page so that you can manually add on a little here and there afterwards for years to come. A wedding photo, the new house with white picket fences, the newborn, the silver years together and so forth, makes a beautiful addition.


There is it. A gift that will last forever tied together with long lasting memories. It’s a great Valentine’s Day gift or even as an anniversary keepsake.

Happy Photobooking!


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