Baby Journal


This post is for all the expecting mommas out there! Whether it’s your first baby, or your second, third, or fifth, it’s never too late to start a pregnancy journal.

Pregnancy journals are great for documenting everything from the moment you found out about the good news to bringing your little bundle of joy home for the first time. These journals are great for reflecting upon but also sharing with your kids when they are older for a trip down memory lane.

Pregnancy Journal

A few things you may want to touch upon while writing your pregnancy journal are:

  • How far along you are.
  • What the size of your baby is. Most time you can compare your baby to fruits and veggies.
  • Different names you are interested in.
  • What your sleep is like.
  • Total weight gain – if you dare!
  • Photos of the maternity clothes you are rocking.
  • Different symptoms you are encountering.
  • Any prenatal care appointments you had.
  • Craving, aversions, or things that you are currently eating.
  • Any highlights that week (IE: baby kicking for the first time).
  • Who you told about your pregnancy and what their reaction was. Getting quotes would be a great addition to the book as well!
  • What your looking forward to.
  • What your fears or frustrations are.
  • Any milestones you encountered.
  • Things you wish other moms would have told you.
  • A brief summary.


After all is said and done, making your journal into a photo book will make for a great addition to your collection. And since our paper is archival and acid-free, the pages won’t yellow or brown over time and this book will become a true family heirloom.

Happy documenting!

The following list was provided by expecting mother, Jaime of Jaime Lauren Photography. Thanks, Jaime!



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2 Responses to “Baby Journal”

  1. Just wondering if the Baby Journal shown above is a Readybook or something that photographer Jaime Lauren created herself. I absolutely love the colour blocking, the weeks listed at the top and the font style, and have gone through many of the Readybooks and couldn’t find it. Leads me to believe it’s a custom design. Great design! Thanks!

    • Hi Benita! This is not a Readybook that we offer but just an example of what can be created for the baby journal. A design like this can be created using the Photobook Designer software on its own by changing the background colours and adding text on top of it. I hope that helped and take care :)