Big Bangs! Photographing Fireworks

Photographing Fireworks


New Year’s eve typically promises plenty of spectacular sights and sounds as stunning displays of fireworks fills the dark sky. It’s a beautiful sight but it disappears just as fast as it erupts the night. For the uninitiated, photographing fireworks can be a fair challenge since the photos would usually come out.. well.. crappy. So how do you photograph fireworks?

To help you out, check out the six basic tips and tricks below to get some really nice shots for your Photobook!


Orientation: Landscape Vs. Portrait
Figure out before the show starts what kind of shots you’re interested in. Horizontal (landscape) shots are best for when you want to include the scenery to give your photos an extra dimension or even for multiple firework bursts; vertical (portrait) shots on the other hand are ideal to take in dramatic shots and highlight a single firework burst.


Where Will You Be?London Bridge Fireworks
Know where the fireworks will be bursting and figure where’s the best place to be when it happens. You’ll want a clear line of sight and have nothing obstruct your view. Elevated or clear spaces are best to steer clear of buildings, trees, poles and all other things. It’s better if you can figure out wind direction as well since the smoke that follows could also interfere with your pictures.


Have A Wider Perspective
In regards to the above, here’s when buildings, trees, poles and all other things can play to your favour. This will be pretty much determined by your location, so try include other objects to highlight the fireworks’ sheer size and help tell a little more of your evening. Horizon shots tend to be pretty awesome as silhouettes compliment the entire shoot.


Trigger Happy
Go for broke and click away! One of the biggest advantages of using a digital camera is that your photos are only limited to your memory card size. It’s hard to predict which bursts are going to be brilliant so snap away and aim for quantity. You can filter through for a quality shot later on, just make sure you have sufficient space on your camera or device.


Cheat A little Using Editing Tools
For most of us who would just point and click, photos can get pretty pixelated and more – especially when using zoom. Best thing to do is to simply crop it accordingly; but be attentive to not apply filters or other image altering effects too much, less you get an artificial looking image.


Get On Some Solid Ground
Get some stability to ensure that your camera doesn’t move when you snap your photos. The fireworks are already moving pretty fast and shaky cameras will result in unclear pictures. For those who will be using longer shutter speeds, mind that your camera will not only capture the fireworks but also any other movement; so you’d want your shots to be exactly what you want it to be. Consider using a tripod if your environment is favorable.




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