Christmas Day and Merry Moments

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Christmas Day and Merry Moments


Call upon friends from far and near,
Rushing past the garden gateway,
IT’S HERE! It’s actually really here,
Say it really loud and cheer away.

Little elves working from timbuktu,
Jingles coming from Santa’s slay,

Sing your carol’s loud and true,
It’s finally here, it’s Christmas Day!

There’re presents under the tree,
and excitement in all the chatter,

Here’s to many more memories,
We have yet to make together…


Merry Christmas to all of you, our dear friends. The day we’ve been waiting for for so long, as we get unite and celebrate in the company of those who mean the most to us.
For some, this day is a time of religious commemoration of the birth of Jesus; while for others, it is a time of family unity. But while goods and gifts always seem to be all the rage, the true quintessence of this season is the bonds of love, compassion and kindness that holds us together. It’s those money-can’t-buy instances which makes life spectacular and Christmas just seems to really bring it out better.

People get together under one roof and the magic happens. The house comes alive with lively conversation, sweet alluring scents from the kitchen, and laughter from every corner. You can bet your bottom dollar that there’s no short supply of shenanigans anywhere!

These are memories in the making. Make each wonderful experience matter by truly immersing yourself in it, not forgetting to capture the moments to be shared and re-lived again.

But then, how do you choose which ones would be photobook worthy? Well take a few minutes and give it some thought. This year, we’re about tradition. Every family has some sort of tradition, a unique trademark sort of thing that is either minor or major. It could be a specific greeting, volunteering at a shelter or even hosting an annual party. Whatever it may be, it counts; because by keeping a visual record of it, you’re keeping a heritage of family traits and ultimately passing down a legacy to future generations.

We’d recommend the Splendid Holidays Readybook for this, ideal for celebrating Christmas as well as a keepsake.

Kitchen doing an amazing job in impressing your taste buds this year? Consider making a family recipe book! Check out the Fantastic Festive Feasts Readybook below.

Take snapshots of the great cooks of your house in the midst of their preparation and the final products. In most houses, the kitchen would be a chaotic scene which usually doesn’t return the best photos. Circumvent this just by cropping the photo!

Let them know what games you played, the food you ate and all other things you did together as a unit. Get everyone together for group photos and make sure no one is left out. Got pets? Chuck em’ in too!

For family photos, it’s best to take multiple shots. As an amateur photographer, most of us would probably end up with two to four good photos out of every ten shots. One good tip is to not only mix posed photos but to also trick your subjects into reacting, resulting in genuine candid shots. An added bonus to this is that you’ll end up with multiple photos of various mannerisms within the same theme. This looks great on an entire spread of a photobook or even a Collage Poster.


Collage Poster                              Collage Canvas Prints

Collage Posters, and even Collage Canvas Prints are a great way to really make use of all your holiday photographs. Layer photographs on top of each other, creating layers and shaping the whole into an image. Be mindful to have a little plan on how you want to do this since you’d want to avoid it looking chaotic and unorganized. Pay attention to how you’d like to create a storyline. Then to spruce things up, throw in a nice captions and maybe a couple of festive elements.

Have a look through our Collage Posters or Canvas Prints page and see the different designs we have. To make things easier, use the auto-flow feature on our Photobook Designer to sequence all the images in.

Another thing about having all these photographs is to actually move it away from your various devices and into tangible physical products.

Move all these photographs away from your various devices and into tangible physical products. You can consider applying your photo collection to our Photo Prints, or for something a little more fun, use our Insta Cards instead.


Insta Cards                              Photo Prints                              Greeting Cards

Another thing you can do are Greeting Cards. It’s alright if you haven’t sent out Holiday Cards yet since you still can send out thank you notes and we still have New Years coming up real quick as well. Take your latest favourite photo, choose from our collection of Greeting Card designs and turn it into your own personalized creation.

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Make the most of the season as the people that makes all the difference in your life come together under one roof, inadvertently unleashing magic that makes this time of year really special for life. Be glad of life because it gives you the chance to love, to work, to play, and to look up to the stars.


Merry Christmas to all of you dear friends. Stay safe out there and have a truly wonderful time!




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