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There’s always been that optimistic side to each of us thinking we’d remember that page number. That simple number that we’d obviously remember after we pause from a book, but hey, we all know that it doesn’t really work that way. Then there’s the old receipt, some odd brochure, a random business card and the ever-notorious folded corner used to mark where we stopped reading.

We say this has to stop! Gone are the days where fellow readers are to suffer searching through the pages when that unsecured fragile piece of paper slips out or the indignity of a compromised book structure. Loose pages aren’t all that sexy. So we’re bringing back the bookmark.


Yet another new introduction in our growing line of fully personalized Photo Products, our Bookmarks are also made-to-order and are totally awesome. Really make it your own as you design on both sides of the Bookmark.

Choose between having a single design or multiple designs. The single design allows for one specific design across all your bookmarks while the multiple design enables for a unique design on each individual bookmark. Take your pick of the layouts provided and just drag and drop your photos, arranging them in any way you want.

Each individual Bookmark measures 2″ x 6″, made out of 270 gsm Uncoated Smooth paper and you can order either 14 or 29 pieces.
Get your very own personalized Bookmarks today and know exactly where your next story begins. Those folded corners will still leave a mark on our pages, long after we’re done reading just because we couldn’t be sure if it was page 42 or 24.



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